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8 Essential Garden Tools For The New Homeowner

Posted: Friday April 15, 2022

When you own a home, gardening tools are a must — even if you’re not planning on creating complicated landscapes. There will still be shrubs that need to be pruned and beds that require weeding and occasional maintenance. For those who plan on becoming green thumbs, gardening tools are even more important.

Where do you start? Here’s a guide to the essential garden tools every new homeowner must have.

1. Gloves

Not everyone wears gloves when gardening — and you don’t have to wear them if you’d rather not. Even if you prefer to go gloveless, however, it’s still a good idea to have a pair of thick leather gloves handy just in case. They’ll be useful when you’re pruning thorny plants such as rosebushes or brambles, and they’ll prevent you from getting splinters when you have to trim trees or remove dead limbs.

2. Shovel

A basic shovel is another must-have, one that you’ll probably use quite a lot. Use it for larger plants or for digging small trenches and holes when you need to run cables or do other types of small improvements. Make tool maintenance easier on yourself by choosing a shovel with a fiberglass or metal handle so that you don’t have to oil a wooden handle each year to keep it splinter-free.

3. Pruning Shears

Most homes will have yards with trees and shrubs — and that makes pruning shears essential. Use them in the spring and fall to trim and shape shrubs and smaller trees. They’re also good for removing broken branches after damaging events such as storms.

4. Garden Scissors

Garden scissors are the heavy-duty version of the scissors you’d normally find in the kitchen drawer or craft room. They’re a gardening essential because you’ll use them to deadhead flowers and to trim old foliage from perennials in spring and fall.

You might think that pruning shears will work for these jobs, but pruning shears are best for cutting small woody branches. Softer foliage and stems will bind in their jaws — and that’s why you need garden scissors for these jobs.

5. Loppers

Loppers are the big brother to pruning shears, and you’ll need them if you have trees or larger shrubs. These feature long handles to give you lots of leverage to power through thicker limbs, plus bigger, tougher cutting jaws designed to take on those bigger jobs.

6. Rake

There are a couple types of rakes that will prove useful. A regular garden rake with stiff tines is ideal for raking mulch or smoothing a freshly turned bed. To pick up grass clippings or leaves, use a leaf rake with long, flexible tines.

7. Hoses and Nozzles

Minimally, you’ll need a garden hose and an adjustable nozzle — and for lots of reasons. Water plants, water the lawn, clean your home’s siding, or spray dirt away from driveways and sidewalks.

Depending on how much you use it, you can do more with hoses and nozzles if you like. Get a wind-up hose reel for easy storage. Invest in soaker hoses to keep garden beds consistently watered. If you water a lot of smaller beds or potted plants, invest in a watering wand. There are lots of possibilities to make life easier.

8. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows may spend a large portion of their lives tucked away in the garage — but when you need one, it’s indispensable. Use a wheelbarrow to haul mulch, soil or other heavy items to wherever it needs to go. When you’re raking leaves or grass clippings, you can place them in the wheelbarrow to take them to the mulch pile. Anytime you have anything heavy — such as cinderblocks or mortar for a new garden wall — your wheelbarrow will come in handy. You can even use it to mix small batches of cement and mortar when you’re working on landscape projects.

These are most of the essentials you’ll need — and there’s one more that can make life much easier. That’s a Power Planter gardening auger. These tools can help you with so much, from digging holes to planting annuals and perennials to weeding, mixing soil and more. Be sure to add one to your list of must-haves!

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