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Improving Compacted Soil

Why is compaction bad for soil? Compacted soil is packed so densely together that water struggles to seep through the particles. As a result, plants can struggle to grow and may even die. Read on to find out why soil compaction is bad and how you can fix it. Why Is Soil Compaction Bad? Soil […]

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How To Aerate Your Lawn

A lawn is an aspect of a property that can sometimes be underrated. Even if a property is aesthetically pleasing and renovated to the nines, the yard unifies everything. One key aspect of achieving a well-kept lawn? Aeration. Aerating the lawn is a process that relieves tightly compacted soil to enhance grass growth. It typically […]

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When To Start Spring Garden Cleaning

As perennials, trees and shrubs emerge from winter dormancy and put on new growth, you may be wondering when to start spring cleaning your garden. Find out the best time and best practices for a spring garden cleanup, then get a checklist of things to remember when spring garden cleaning. Spring Flower Bed Cleanup: Timing and Best Practices While […]

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Common Gardening Mistakes

As weather warms, more people are spending time in their gardens. Spring is ideal to complete many critical garden tasks. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when gardeners — novice and veteran — make mistakes that reduce plant productivity and happiness. Read on to learn common gardening mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Planting in the Wrong […]

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Winterizing Garden Beds

The first and most obvious reason is that gardens need to be protected from the cold weather. Covering semi-tender plants such as strawberries with a light layer of mulch can help shield against frost. The same holds true for young trees and shrubs, which may not yet have developed a robust root system. Wrapping young […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Augers

Not sure where to start? Our auger guide will help you determine the right size, the right drill, and the right approach to every garden or landscape digging project.

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