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Can Gardening Reduce Stress?

Why is gardening good for you? Because it helps you eat better and lowers your cortisol levels.

Sustainable Gardening Tips & Ideas

Sustainable gardening is growing in popularity — and for good reason. When done well, it can result in healthier gardens and bigger harvests. Because sustainability is all about making green choices such as reusing waste or conserving water, it helps lessen your impact on the environment, too. If you’d like to learn more, here are […]

The Best Time To Start A Garden

Planting a garden represents one of life’s greatest pleasures. While many factors impact a garden’s success, timing is essential. Just as you won’t reap tomatoes in the dead of winter, so you won’t see the fullest produce without accurately choosing when to plant. So, when is the best time to start your garden? How can […]

How To Maintain A Garden

Blooming flowers and ripening vegetables are a beautiful and fulfilling sight for any gardener. Producing a healthy garden involves laying the proper groundwork and administering careful upkeep. Here are some helpful tips for how to maintain a garden. Covering the Ground Rules Soil High-quality soil translates to healthier, stronger plants. Begin by clearing the area […]

7 Gardening Myths And Misconceptions

Gardening is perhaps one of the most relaxing activities anyone can experience. To make it even more enjoyable, gardeners can bring the flowers, fruits and vegetables they grow into their homes and share them with friends and neighbors. Don’t let common gardening myths keep you from enjoying this stress-reducing hobby. Here’s the truth about gardening. […]

The Different Types Of Potting Soil

Not every gardener realizes, but there are lots of different types of potting soil out there. Knowing how to distinguish between them and what to look for in a good potting soil can make the difference between spindly plants that don’t perform as well and potted plants that are lush, vibrant and always in bloom. However, understanding […]

Improving Compacted Soil

Why is compaction bad for soil? Compacted soil is packed so densely together that water struggles to seep through the particles. As a result, plants can struggle to grow and may even die. Read on to find out why soil compaction is bad and how you can fix it. Why Is Soil Compaction Bad? Soil […]

How To Prevent Weeds In Flower Beds

Gardening is an activity that can reduce stress and improve the appearance of your yard. There are so many flowers to choose from, and the combinations of plant life can help elevate the beauty of your property and boost the native ecosystem. However, when unexpected visitors interrupt the party, it can detract from the elegance […]

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