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Fall Bulb Planting Tips for 2020 – Use a Bulb Auger

Posted: Friday August 18, 2017

A bulb auger is a gardener’s best friend when it comes to bulb planting in the fall. We don’t just say that because our founder invented the first garden-friendly earth auger more than 20 years ago (seriously, that’s a true story). We know it because we receive countless reviews and testimonials from our customers telling us this almost every day.

We use a bulb auger for our own bulb planting here on the Power Planter farm, too. The way it works is simple – a bulb auger helps you plant more bulbs in less time by letting you to drill holes – instead of just digging them.

Remember the frustration and backbreaking labor of using a hand shovel to dig planting holes? Say goodbye to those! And say hello to a bulb auger.

Using a Bulb Auger is So Easy

Bulb planting can seem pretty cut-and-dried. You dig a planting hole, put your bulb in the bottom, cover it up with soil, then water it. Sounds easy enough, right? But there are ways you can set your bulbs up for failure instead of success during the planting process. And a bulb that doesn’t sprout means wasted time, effort, and money on your part. Let’s try to avoid that.

Tip – the best way to set your bulbs up for success is to dig planting holes that are the right size and depth.

Similar to reducing plant loss in your garden, reducing bulb loss during fall bulb planting requires you to pay close attention to the planting holes you dig.

It also helps to have good soil contact for the bulbs from the start. Want to know the best way to do that?

Use a bulb auger!

Bulb Augers Encourage Plant Growth

Our 3” x 7” bulb auger breaks up soil as it drills planting holes – this gives your bulbs great soil contact from the beginning to encourage growth. After drilling a planting hole using our bulb auger, you’ll see a nice bed of loose dirt waiting for the bulb at the bottom. Just place the bulb in the hole, kick in the remaining dirt, and move on to the next hole.

The Power Planter bulb auger’s 7-inch length takes the guesswork out of digging holes for bulbs, too. No need to worry about whether your bulb planting holes are deep enough ever again – just drill to the full length of the auger, are you’re set to go.

Finally, be sure to check and see which bulbs will grow best in your region of the country before gathering your supplies. Some bulbs grow very well in certain climates, but won’t grow at all in others.

Good luck this fall, gardeners!

Have a tip that we didn’t mention here? We’d love to hear it. Contact us

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