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New Product Photos Improve Ecommerce Shopping Experience for Augers

Posted: Friday November 17, 2017

Power Planter adds new product photos to website and revamps their shopping experience

Loda, Ill. – November 17, 2017

Power Planter has added an impressive lineup of new product photos to their website, making the ecommerce shopping experience for the auger manufacturer easier, more robust, and more visually stunning than ever before.

The company added photos that show many of their augers “in action,” giving shoppers a better idea of how they are supposed to be used, as well as a more visually appealing experience overall.

Greg Niewold, owner of Power Planter, was quoted with the following regarding the revamped experience:

“We have been looking forward to sharing these product photos with our customers since we caught our first glimpse of them. We’re thrilled to offer a new and improved shopping experience with this update.

Our digital marketing guru Kelly Lucia worked hard to coordinate each shot for each auger to make sure the images represent not only the quality of our augers, but also how they function and what they are capable of. We worked with a local photographer in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to produce the photos, so the background for many of the images is especially beautiful.”

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Power Planter is a third-generation family-owned auger manufacturer located on a centennial farm in rural Illinois. Their founder invented the first garden-friendly earth auger more than 20 years ago. Today, they manufacture and sell more than ten different sizes and models. Each auger is hand-welded and 100% made in the USA. Visit powerplanter.com or call 217-379-2614 to learn more. 

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