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Can Power Planter earth augers dig through rocky clay soil?

In this video, Landscape Rescue host Stuart Moore introduces us to a game-changing tool that is transforming the landscaping industry: the Power Planter 7” X 28” Gallon Pot and Post Auger. Recognized as the best auger for rocky soil and the best auger for clay soil, the Power Planter is a powerful solution for digging holes quickly and efficiently, even in the rocky, clay soil of Missouri.

Stuart and Gabe put the Power Planter to the test in a real-world scenario, planting over 121 gallons of plants before lunchtime. “I went to shop for plants and when I came back from shopping for plants he had dug all the holes… I was done by the time he got back from lunch,” Stuart shared, highlighting the speed and efficiency of the auger for rocky soil. 

Stuart concluded the episode by affirming the value of the Power Planter for landscaping businesses. “I just think it’s valuable for contractors to see this kind of content so you can change the tempo of your business when it comes to planting,” he said. He also noted that the Power Planter, combined with beneficial fungus, beneficial bacteria, and two-year fertilizer tablets, could make a business look like a “superhero” to customers.

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