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Bulb Planters

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a backyard gardener, a bulb planter is a must-have tool that will make the job much quicker and easier. At Power Planter, there are several models from which to choose, each with distinct advantages.

Here’s an overview to explain what a bulb planter tool is and how it can help you in the garden.

What Are Bulb Planters?

A garden bulb planter is a specialized bulb planting auger that allows you to dig perfectly spaced holes of an even depth for your bulbs. These tools are designed to be used with any power drill, which gives you the freedom to use a bulb digger cordlessly. Since the augers are made to dig in all soil types, they’ll make the job easier, even in hard-packed soil.

These augers come in several lengths and widths, each designed to make specific jobs easier. The Bulb Auger & Bedding Plant Tool is 3 inches wide by 7 inches long, perfectly suited to smaller bulbs and plugs, too. Other bulb augers come with extended lengths up to 48 inches. These serve a two-fold purpose: They allow you to dig deeper holes for bulbs that need the increased depth, and the added length on the longest augers means you won’t have to do the task from your hands and knees.

The Power Planter Advantage

Why buy a bulb from Power Planter? There are a few good reasons. To start, all Power Planter products come with a 100 percent guarantee. These products are made in the United States, in the heartland of central Illinois. Prices are competitive with other auger brands, and Power Planter goes the extra mile to provide a high-quality product and unparalleled customer service.

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How Our Bulb Planters Make Life Easier

There are a variety of reasons why a bulb digger is a must-have tool. Check out the following list and you’ll see why augers are essential for gardeners and landscapers.

  • These tools are ideal for older gardeners, people with arthritis, or people with hand or back problems. They are easier to grip than shovels and the longer augers minimize the need to bend.
  • Using a drill bulb planter is faster and easier than digging — particularly in hard soil.
  • A bulb planter digs the correct size hole, whereas a shovel will invariably lead to a much larger hole — and a lot more work — to plant a single bulb.
  • Because bulb augers make the work easier, you’ll spend far less time on a bulb planting project than you would if you had to dig each hole by hand, especially when it comes to projects that require holes for dozens or even hundreds of bulbs.
  • A bulb planting tool gives you a hole that is ideally suited to the bulb you are planting, which means your plants will have good root-to-soil contact, helping them grow stronger and healthier.
  • These tools are versatile. You can use them to not only plant bulbs, but to put in bedding plant plugs, too. If you need holes for posts, stakes, umbrella poles or any other purpose, a bulb planting auger does double duty.

When you’re ready to choose an auger, check out our product page to see all the options available! If you have questions about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service department.

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