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Ultimate Professional Landscaper Kit


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Ultimate Professional Landscaper Kit


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For those exceptionally tough gardening or landscaping jobs, this is the all-in-one solution. Only Power Planter offers this special combination of a complete DeWalt 60V kit, and a set of THREE heavy-duty augers and TWO additional backup batteries. Get the muscle of a gas or corded unit with the freedom of being cordless and the durability of Power Planter's top selling heavy-duty augers. Buy this kit and save $124.


Handle those exceptionally tough gardening or landscaping jobs with ease.

The 60V MAX* Mixer & Drill Kit is ideally suited for use with a heavy-duty auger from Power Planter. Its motor provides the perfect speed and torque for digging and mixing with Power Planter augers. Its brushless design ensures increased power and running time compared to other types.

Power Planter offers a DeWalt 60V kit not found anywhere else. When you purchase this drill and professional auger kit, you will also receive TWO additional FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* lithium ion batteries ($320 Value) along with a large DeWalt storage box ($50 Value) to keep your drill, batteries, and charger all in one convenient location.  That’s a $1160 total value plus FREE SHIPPING!

This tool also features an integral clutch as well as the manufacturer’s proprietary E-Clutch® System. The anti-rotation technology senses the motion of the unit and shuts it down immediately if it detects potential hazards. This model also operates on the DeWalt FlexVolt system, which allows you to swap batteries between tools and automatically switch the voltage depending on their needs. Get the muscle of a gas or corded unit with the freedom of going cordless.

Dramatically increase planting production and efficiency with these heavy-duty augers (included in the purchase)…

Professional Auger Starter Pack

  • The Extended Length Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.) – great for planting bedding plants and bulbs, mixing cement in a bucket or wheelbarrow, and even boring under sidewalks for gutter extensions, and…
  • Our Quart Pot Plant Auger(5 in. x 28 in.) – this contractor-grade auger makes installation of quart pot-sized plants easier. It also allows you to quickly dig holes to install perimeter fencing or even concrete pillars.
  • Both auger bits come with a standard 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive.

Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7″ x 28″)

  • The third auger in this kit measures 28 inches long and has a 7-inch diameter. The post digger features a 1.25-inch shaft made from 100% American-made steel and double 10-gauge flighting. Get the perfect auger for digging post & gallon pot holes.

Power Planter is the ONLY DeWalt Distributor that sells this special drill and auger package deal with TWO backup batteries. For those exceptionally tough gardening or landscaping jobs, this may be the only solution you need.

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Ultimate Professional Landscaper Kit Photos


The DeWalt 60V MAX* Drill
  • 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill Kit With E-Clutch® System
  • Two DCB606 FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries
  • (1) DCB 609 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery
  • DCD130B
  • Chuck Key and Holder
  • 3-Position Side Handle
  • ToughSystem DS300 Large Case
  • Kit Bag
The Professional Starter Pack
  • Made in the USA
  • Painted glossy black enamel
  • Hand-welded
  • Includes:
    • Extended Length Plant & Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.)
    • Quart Pot Plant Auger (5 in. x 28 in.)
The Gallon Pot Auger (7 in. x 28 in.)
  • USA-made
  • Painted in glossy black enamel
  • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive


The DeWalt 60V MAX* Drill
  • Works with ALL Power Planter augers (2" diameter - 9" diameter)
  • 60V MAX* Brushless Motor for increase power and runtime
  • Power of gas or a corded unit with cordless freedom
  • Adjustable 3-position side handle for leverage and stability.
  • E-Clutch is a Perform and Protect™; feature that detects reactionary torque caused by a bind-up or stall and reduces speed to a manageable level until control is regained.
  • Metal-gear housing for jobsite durability and increased reliability
  • The DEWALT®; Perform and Protect™; line of power tools is designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: control, dust containment, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance.
The Professional Starter Pack
  • Augers dig holes up to 23 - 26 inches deep
  • Heavy duty, 100% steel shaft
  • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive
The Gallon Pot Auger
  • Digs holes up to 14 - 26 inches deep
  • Heavy duty, 1.25-inch 100% steel shaft with double 10-gauge flighting
  • 7 inches in diameter

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 20 in

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