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Professional Auger Starter Pack


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Professional Auger Starter Pack


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This Professional Auger Starter Pack is designed for landscapers and nursery caretakers. The plant auger package comes with our two most popular augers for professional use: The 3 inch by 24 inch Extended Length Bulb Auger, and our 5 inch by 28 inch Quart Pot Plant Auger. Our professional grade plant and earth augers are hand-welded, feature glossy black enamel paint, and will arrive at your door ready for use. Save with this kit.


Dramatically increase planting production and efficiency.

  • The Extended Length Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.) – great for planting bedding plants and bulbs, mixing cement in a bucket or wheelbarrow, and even boring under sidewalks for gutter extensions, and…
  • Our Quart Pot Plant Auger (5 in. x 28 in.) – this contractor-grade auger makes installation of quart pot-sized plants easier. It also allows you to quickly dig holes to install perimeter fencing or even concrete pillars.

Both auger bits come with a standard 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive. The minimum voltage recommendation is 18V – 20V, but an electric drill with a side handle is preferred for safety. For mass planting and drilling efficiency, an auger powerhead with a 1/2-inch drill chuck is recommended.

*Drills sold separately.
*Powerhead not included

California Prop 65 Disclosure

Professional Auger Starter Pack Photos


  • Made in the USA
  • Painted glossy black enamel
  • Hand-welded
  • Includes:
    • Extended Length Plant & Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.)
    • Quart Pot Plant Auger (5 in. x 28 in.)


  • Augers dig holes up to 23 - 26 inches deep
  • Heavy duty, 100% steel shaft
  • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive
  • Minimum voltage recommendation = 18V - 20V – see our Auger Guide. Electric drill with side handle preferred for safety.
  • *Drill sold separately
  • Powerhead not included
  • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in

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