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  • GroTab Fertilizer Tablets

    $10.99 - $495.00

  • GroundGrabba Lite


  • GroundGrabba The Fang


  • GroundGrabba Pro


  • GroundGrabba Closed Hooks


  • GroundGrabba Pro I


  • GroundGrabba Pro II


  • GroundGrabba HexHook Pro Lag Bolt Hook


  • DIY Guru Auger (3" x 12")


  • GroundGrabba Hex Driver


  • Heidi's Hope Box


  • Laura's Edition 3" x 36" Auger


  • Large Bulb Auger (4” x 28”)

    $92.50 - $162.50

  • Laura's Edition 2" x 36" Auger


  • GroundGrabba Pro Kit


  • Quart Pot Landscaping Auger (5” x 28”)

    $105.00 - $185.50

  • GroundGrabba Pro I Kit


  • Dewalt ToughSystem® DWST08400 2.0 XL Case


  • DEWALT DCPR320 20V MAX* 1.5" Cordless Pruner


  • GroundGrabba Pro II Kit


  • Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7" x 28")

    $132.50 - $235.50

  • Tree Auger & Planting Tool (2" x 30" HD)


  • GroundGrabba Lite Kit


  • Ultimate Professional Landscape Bundle

    $275.00 - $1,362.00

  • The Ultimate Gardener Starter Bundle


  • Landscape Drill Bundle


  • DEWALT DW2304 1/2" Chuck Key


  • NEW: Power Planter Gift Cards

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  • Heavy Duty Auger Adaptors


  • 16" Heavy Duty Extender


  • Auger Replacement Blades

    $25.00 - $30.00

  • 7/16" Quick Attach Adapter


  • Heavy-Duty Auger Replacement Tip


  • Root Quencher Jr.

    $43.95 - $139.95

  • Root Quencher

    $49.95 - $279.95

  • Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades

    $77.75 - $299.00

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Make gardening and landscaping much easier and more enjoyable.

Our professional-grade earth augers can tackle the toughest digging jobs in your yard or garden — eliminating a lot of the back-breaking labor that can make gardening and landscaping work so difficult. Simply attach our soil augers to your cordless drill and you’ll be digging faster and more efficiently than ever before. They’re also great for other tasks around the house and yard, including mixing paint and concrete.

Find The Right Size

See product listings for specific details. Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions, or sockets. For best results select the hex connection size that matches your drill.

Power through most soil types with ease.
Connects securely to most drills.

We are here to help.

Not sure which garden auger is right for you? has answers to all the common questions, gardening tips and tutorials. Browse our guides and tutorials below or contact us for help.


  • The Ultimate Gardener Starter Bundle


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The Ultimate Gardener Starter Bundle

The perfect starting point for a homeowner or landscaper, the Ultimate Gardener Starter Bundle provides the right drill and gardening augers for easy gardening for all skill levels. Coupled with the included DEWALT 20V 996P2 drill, the Power Planter garden auger drill bits are perfect for digging, mulching, mixing, aerating, and more, and can help you tackle a wide variety of gardening projects that will transform your garden with ease.

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  • Ultimate Professional Landscape Bundle

    $275.00 - $1,362.00

Top Value

Ultimate Professional Landscape Bundle

Introducing the Professional Landscaping Bundle, your all-inclusive solution for the toughest garden and landscaping projects This landscaping bundle includes a complete DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® kit (with a DCB118 Fast Charger), and a set of THREE light-medium duty Power Planter earth augers. You also get 2 extra DCB609 9Ah 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries and ToughSystem® DS400 XL Case. With the power of DEWALT drills and the durability of Power Planter's top selling augers, you are sure to get the job done right, guaranteed. Buy this landscaping bundle and save!

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Can Power Planter earth augers dig through rocky clay soil?

Stuart Moore from Landscape Rescue and Integrity Landscaping finds out if a Power Planter heavy-duty drill auger and a 40-volt drill can withstand the rocky clay soil of Missouri.

Elderberry Farms reviews the 60V Heavy Duty Tip Bundle

In this video, you’ll hear why Elderberry Farms hasn’t used a shovel for planting since they began using Power Planter’s Heavy Duty Auger bundle paired with a 60V DEWALT® DCD130T1 drill. See the bulb and earth auger drill combo in action after the review.

Garden Answer discusses earth auger sizes

Laura from Garden Answer shares some great digging tips as she walks us through her collection of Power Planter garden augers.