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  • Image of plant auger starter pack for homeowners
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    Plant Auger Starter Pack for Homeowners

  • Image of professional auger starter pack with 3-inch by 24-inch auger and 5-inch by 28-inch auger
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    Professional Auger Starter Pack

  • Image of 2-inch by 7-inch garden planting auger in planter
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    Garden Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool (2″ x 7″)

  • Image of comparison between 2-inch diameter tree augers at 4 different lengths
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    Tree Auger & Planting Tool (2″ x 24″- 48″)

  • Image of 3-inch by 7-inch bulb auger
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    Bulb Auger & Bedding Plant Tool (3″ x 7″)

  • Image of 3-inch by 12-inch DIY auger with bulbs
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    DIY Guru Auger (3″ x 12″)

  • Image of comparison of 3-inch extended length bulb augers at 4 different lengths
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    Extended Length Bulb Auger (3″ x 24″- 48″)

  • Image of 4-inch by 28-inch large bulb auger tube drive
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    Large Bulb Auger (4″ x 28″)

  • Image of 5-inch by 28-inch quart pot plant auger
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    Quart Pot Plant Auger (5″ x 28″)

  • Image of comparison of post hole augers 7-inch by 16-inch and 7-inch by 28-inch
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    Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7″ x 16″- 28″)

  • Image of 8-inch by 28-inch two gallon earth auger - third view
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    Two Gallon Earth Auger (8″ x 28″)

  • Image of 9-inch by 28-inch extra large earth auger held by hand
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    Extra Large Earth Auger (9″ x 28″)

  • Image of threaded adapter
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    Auger Adapters

  • Image of replaceable heavy duty auger parts
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    Replaceable Heavy Duty Auger Parts