DIY potting mix is a savvy way to save some money while getting your plants off to a great start. It’s easy to make your own potting soil, too, especially if you have a Power Planter auger to help. If you’re curious, we’ll show you how to make homemade potting mix, and how to use your auger to blend it properly.

Making Potting Soil

There are many great reasons to make your own potting mix. DIY potting soil gives you control over the soil’s ingredients, which means you can tailor the mix to exactly what your plants need. Not only that, but the ingredients to make potting mix cost a lot less than pre-made commercial mixes, which can save you a considerable amount of money if you have lots of pots or garden space to fill.

  • Get a container — The first item you’ll need is a container — a small plastic tub, a plant pot or a wheelbarrow if you’d like to make a lot of potting soil.
  • Add your materials — For a basic mix that works well for most plants, use one part peat moss, one part compost and one part perlite. You can add other amendments for houseplants, such as ground tree bark, sand or a small amount of blood meal. These ingredients will give your plants nutrients, a healthy substrate for roots to spread, and a good soil that holds a lot of moisture to keep plants hydrated.
  • Mix the materials — The last tool you’ll need is a Power Planter auger, which is a great potting soil mixer. The auger type depends on the amount of DIY potting soil that you intend to make. For smaller batches, bulb augers and short grass plug augers work nicely to thoroughly crumble and mix the soil. If you’re making a larger batch, try an extended-length auger to make sure that you’re mixing the container of potting mix from top to bottom. An auger makes the job easier in the same way that a mixer makes kitchen tasks easier — you don’t have to dig your hands in to mix manually. Just insert the auger into the mix, power on the drill, and the potting soil will be ready to use in moments.

Why Choose Power Planter Augers to Make Potting Mix?

A Power Planter auger not only helps simplify the job, but also gives you a versatile tool that you can put to a variety of uses. When you’re not mixing potting soil, you can put the auger to work mixing paint or other products. Augers also come in handy in the garden. When you have many bulbs, annuals or plugs to plant, augers will make all that digging less cumbersome.

These are tools you can trust, too. Unlike many other augers on the market, Power Planter products are hand-welded and 100% made in the United States. Each tool features an unconditional guarantee on parts, craftsmanship and materials, which means you won’t have to worry about breakage throughout the life of the tool. These augers are durable and well-suited for both homeowners and professionals.

Whether you want to make your own potting mix or use an auger for other jobs around the home, Power Planter has an auger in just the size you need! Browse our website today to find the perfect tool for your purposes.

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