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The benefits of Power Planter Augers

Dig quickly with garden augers

Transform your gardening experience with Power Planter’s garden augers for drills. For decades, these powerful tools have been eliminating sore backs and making quick work of digging holes even in the most rugged soils. Whether you’re planting trees, shrubs, and annuals, or tackling any other digging job in your garden or yard, Power Planter’s augers for drills are up to the task with hand-welded, made-in-the-USA construction.

Power through dense, compacted soil

Power Planter’s heavy-duty augers are the choice of professional landscapers and home gardeners alike. These gardening power tools can help you tackle the digging jobs in your garden or yard. Use them to plant bulbs and to make holes for posts, umbrella poles, stakes and more.

Shop DEWALT® hand drills

Power Planter drill augers and DEWALT® drills are a powerful
combination that can help you tackle any planting and digging job with ease. To get the best performance from your earth augers, you need the strength and reliability of a DEWALT® drill. With interchangeable batteries and a built-in clutch, these drills can keep you digging safely for hours at a time.

Need help choosing the right auger for the job?

The pros weigh in

Can Power Planter earth augers dig through rocky clay soil?

Stuart Moore from Landscape Rescue and Integrity Landscaping finds out if a Power Planter heavy-duty drill auger and a 40-volt drill can withstand the rocky clay soil of Missouri.

Elderberry Farms reviews the 60V Heavy Duty Tip Bundle

In this video, you'll hear why Elderberry Farms hasn't used a shovel for planting since they began using Power Planter's Heavy Duty Auger bundle paired with a 60V DEWALT® DCD13T1 drill. See the bulb earth auger drill combo in action after the review.

Garden Answer discusses earth auger sizes

Laura from Garden Answer shares some great digging tips as she walks us through her collection of Power Planter garden augers.

Learn about drill augers

Not sure which auger is right for you? Power Planter has answers to all your drill auger questions, as well as gardening tips and tutorials. Take a look below or contact us for help.

How much drill power do I need?

The drill power needed for a drill auger depends on the size of the auger you are using, as well as the soil conditions.

What size drill auger do I need?

Choosing the right drill auger size is application specific. If you want to plant flowers and dig post holes, you will need two different auger sizes.

Project matcher: when to use a drill auger

Our earth augers have many different uses in addition to drilling soil for planting and landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

From picking the right auger size to the various uses of your Power Planter Auger review all of our FAQs

Everything You Wanted to Know About Earth Augers, but Didn’t Know Who to Ask

You have questions about augers for drills, and who better to provide answers than Power Planter?

5 Auger Maintenance Tips to Make It Last

Drill augers can provide you with valuable service for years if you keep them clean, store them properly, and regularly inspect them for damage. Learn more about drill auger maintenance

Hole Digging 101: Getting Started with Your Power Planter

Digging with Power Planter drill augers is easy, but knowing how deep or how wide to make the hole isn’t always so obvious. Learn more about how and when to use your earth auger

What To Know Before Buying An Auger

Let’s answer a few questions about earth augers, starting with what they are, why you need one, and when to use it.