Augers and Digging Tools by Power Planter

Our augers make digging faster and easier! Save your back when landscaping and gardening with a Power Planter Auger.

Earth Augers Welded by Hand – From Our Farm to Your Door

Shirley Bovshow plants bulbsAt Power Planter®, we create hand-welded earth augers for home gardening, professional landscaping, DIY projects, post hole digging and so much more. Our augers are 100% made in the USA, and each one includes an unconditional guarantee on parts, materials and craftsmanship.

Our plant and earth augers are highly durable — perfect to help homeowners and professionals complete almost any planting or digging project faster and more efficiently than using a shovel or spade. Not only that, our augers create loose dirt when drilling holes — this gives your plants better root-to-soil contact and helps reduce plant loss for healthier and more beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and grass.

We offer earth and plant augers in a variety of sizes designed to help you with specific gardening and landscaping needs — we even carry heavy duty models for those bigger, tougher jobs.

For example, our Garden Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool is the perfect choice for planting grass plugs and small annuals. On the other end of the spectrum, our Extra Large Earth Auger is designed specifically for 3-gallon potted plants and even serves as a 6-inch-by-6-inch post hole digger. No matter what type of job you have to do in your yard, we have the tool to help you with it.

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Power Planter – Auger Manufacturer & Family-Owned Farm

Power Planter is a third-generation, family-owned auger company located on a centennial farm in rural Illinois. Our founder invented the first garden-friendly earth auger more than 20 years ago, and now we manufacture and sell more than 10 sizes and models.

No other auger manufacturer serving the market today has the variety of products that we do. Our lineup does more than save you time in the garden — it also has the strength and versatility to handle a number of tasks around your property. From digging post holes to mixing paint or concrete, we empower you to do more with less strain and effort. Just attach one of our bits to your cordless drill, and take care of what you need to do without all of the back-breaking labor.

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