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Tough augers for every job

Power Planter garden augers make quick work of tedious digging jobs in the yard and garden. Home gardeners and landscape professionals alike know the importance of having the right tool for the job, and when it comes to powering through the soil, our garden augers have the right stuff. These handy planting augers make it easy to dig holes for planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plus, our garden augers come in a variety of types to handle jobs of all sizes.

One of the key benefits of using a garden auger drill bit is that it allows you to create holes that are the ideal size and depth for your plants. This can be especially important when planting larger trees or shrubs, as the roots of these plants need plenty of space to grow and establish themselves in the soil. By using a garden auger drill bit to create holes that are the right size and depth, you can help ensure that your plants have the best possible chance of growing and thriving in your garden.

No matter what your gardening project entails, we have a garden auger that will make the job easier on your back and your budget.

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Rave reviews for Power Planter augers

[review content="We needed a solution to break up some compacted potting soil. Other (manual) tools left large clumps that required a lot of “hand crumbling”. I put this thing on a 20v Dewalt drill and it worked like a champ! I’m sure it saved us hours of tedious work. Extremely satisfied with this purchase!" name="Anonymous" product-name=" Garden Auger Starter Pack (2″ x 7″ and 3″ x 7″)" product-handle="garden-auger-starter-pack-2-x-7-and-3-x-7"]
[review content="I admit it, I got this for myself. I have been planting all my life and I’m touching 70 years of age. Wish I had this 40 years ago. It’s easy to plant consistently at the right depth. I’m also very pleased that it’s made in the United States. I called to ask a question, a person answered the phone and handled it himself. That’s unheard of today! Very impressed." name="Anonymous" product-name="DIY Guru Auger (3″ x 12″)" product-handle="312-diy-auger"]
[review content="I’m 80 years old and this auger certainly helps me be a more independent Gardner. I find your videos so very informative and helpful. The combination of the drill you recommend and the auger is something I can physically manage. I highly recommend the power planter auger." name="Leslie O." product-name="Extra Large Earth Auger with Heavy-Duty Tip (9″ x 28″)" product-handle="928-extra-large-earth-auger"]
[review content="I’m an aging 67 yr old female gardener who now has a bad back. I had to stop gardening and planting shrubs until I found this 9” auger here. I purchased it with the recommended Dewalt drill and 2 batteries. I have planted 52 shrubs since July 2022. Thank you Power Planter for putting the fun back into gardening. Best garden purchase I have ever made." name="Crystal W." product-name="DIY Guru Auger (3″ x 12″)" product-handle="312-diy-auger"]
[review content="This is my new favorite tool. I’ve used smaller, cheaper augers and I think the biggest difference is the hex-shaped bit that won’t slip in the drill chuck, but this is also just a stronger, more stable design. It speeds up my work and means jobs that used to take a lot of effort, just don’t now. This is a good size for planting perennials, potatoes, or bareroot trees or shrubs." name="Anonymous" product-name="DIY Guru Auger (3″ x 12″)" product-handle="312-diy-auger"]

Frequently asked questions

What Size Garden Auger Do You Need for Planting?

While the garden auger you need will depend mostly on the type of plants you’re putting in the ground, it’s also a matter of preference. If you like getting a little dirty and close to the action, our 2”x7” or 3”x7” garden augers are perfect for most garden planting jobs. On the other hand, if you want to plant an entire flower bed in an afternoon without straining your back, you may want one of our longer planting auger drill bits.

Do Garden Augers for Drills Work in Wet Soil?

Garden augers for drills work well in wet soil, with some limitations. Depending on the size of your job and the soil type, you may need a larger auger. Some of our smaller auger models are better suited to small scale gardening jobs, while our heavy-duty augers will power through even the most stubborn soils. Be sure to check out our project matcher to make sure you find the right planting auger for you.

What is the Difference Between a Planting Auger and a Post-Hole Digger?

The main difference between a planting auger and a post-hole digger is the manner in which they remove soil from the ground. Planting augers use the screw structure of the device to cut through soil and send it up and out of the hole, while post-hole diggers, shovels, and other tools require you to jab into the soil and use physical strength to dig AND move the material out of the hole. Although these devices can all be used as garden hole diggers, garden augers are considerably more efficient and easy to use.

Can I Use a Garden Auger to Plant Larger Trees and Shrubs?

Yes, you absolutely can use our garden augers for planting larger trees and shrubs. When planting larger trees or shrubs, the roots need plenty of space to grow and establish themselves in the soil. A garden auger drill bit helps create holes that are the right size and depth for your plants, giving them the best chance to grow and thrive in your garden. Depending on the size of your tree or shrub, you may want to opt for one of our larger auger sizes.

Are Garden Augers Difficult to Use for Beginners?

No, garden augers are not difficult to use, even for beginners. Our garden augers are designed to be user-friendly and take just a few seconds to connect to your drill and get working. Plus, using a garden auger is less physically demanding than traditional digging methods, making them a great choice for any gardener, regardless of experience level. Even Greg’s son Luke, started safely using the augers when he was just 4 years old!