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Whether you’re working with wood or ripping through soil with a Power Planter earth auger, DEWALT®drills have the power, speed, and reliability you can count on to get the job done right. Power Planter products are hand-welded for power and durability, so why would you use anything other than a DEWALT® drill for digging with one of our augers? 

But it’s not just about power and durability. DEWALT® drills for augers offer outstanding energy performance with their 6 or 9-amp hour FLEXVOLT® lithium-ion batteries that will have you digging and planting all over your yard without stopping for a recharge. If you do run out of juice, just pop a fresh battery onto your DEWALT® cordless drill and keep on digging. 

Don’t settle for subpar tools when it comes to your digging and planting projects. Invest in a Power Planter earth auger and DEWALT® drill combination for a reliable and efficient digging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Power Planter Augers Only Work with DEWALT® Drills?

No. While DEWALT® drills are our first choice for pairing with our augers, they work great with other brands as long as they meet the proper power requirements for the auger size and soil conditions you’ll be working in. If you’re unsure if your drill has enough power to match the auger you have or want, check out this handy guide.

Are DEWALT® Cordless Drills Less Powerful than Corded Drills for Digging?

Not at all. While a corded auger drill gives you constant power to dig with an auger as long as you need, DEWALT® cordless drills still provide power, speed, and plenty of battery life to get through most jobs without issue. DEWALT® cordless drills also feature a clutch that provides added safety without hampering performance.

Do I Need an Adapter to Use a Power Planter Auger with a DEWALT® Drill?

You do not need any adapter to use Power Planter augers with your DEWALT® drill or other equipment in most cases. The only exceptions are our tube drive augers that require an adapter to fit 1-inch shafted post-hole diggers, 1/2-inch hex drills, or threaded shaft drills. All of our Tube Drive Heavy Duty augers ship with a ½” hex adapter installed.  If you are using a Stihl BT45 please leave an ‘order note’ at checkout, and we will swap the hex adapter for a threaded adapter.  Your auger will be ready to roll straight out of the box!