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Tackle the toughest digging jobs with Power Planter earth augers. Professional-grade Earth Augers for every application, from home gardening to professional landscaping.

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Tackle the toughest digging jobs with Power Planter earth augers. Professional-grade Earth Augers for every application, from home gardening to professional landscaping.

Power Planter drill augers are designed and hand welded to tackle the toughest jobs in your yard and garden, saving you time and your back. Our auger drill bits can be quickly and easily attached to cordless drills. Simply tighten the chuck around the drill auger, and you’re ready to start digging faster and more efficiently than you ever have before.

While our auger drill bits make quick work of digging holes in the yard and garden, they are also suited for a variety of other tasks around the house and yard, including mixing concrete, boring under sidewalks, installing your beach umbrella or termite bait stations, stirring compost piles, and making your own potting mix. And when it comes to versatility, we’ve got you covered. Our selection includes a variety of drill augers in various sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a garden auger to plant flowers or you’re taking on a DIY construction project, we have the right drill auger for the job. Plus, with their durable construction, you can consider our auger drill bits an investment that will stand the test of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Drill Auger Work?

A drill auger works by rotating a sharp, spiral bit through the soil as it is pushed or driven into the ground. The blade of the dirt auger cuts through the soil, lifting it up and out, creating a hole as it goes.

What Kind of Drill Do I Need for an Earth Auger?

Most cordless drills within a range of 18V-60V will work with our drill augers, depending on the diameter and length of the earth auger as well as its intended uses. Our earth augers do not adapt to sockets or impact drivers, nor do we recommend trying to use them due to safety and efficiency factors. For more information, see our drill power page.

Can a Power Planter Drill Auger Dig Through Clay Soil?

Yes. Power Planter augers for drills are tough enough to dig through stubborn, compacted clay soil. Our large-diameter heavy-duty augers are best suited to the challenge compared to smaller dirt augers for drills. They not only dig through the clay but break it up simultaneously.

Is It Safe to Use a Drill Auger Near Utilities?

No. It is not safe to use a drill auger near utilities without proper precautions. Before digging, it’s vital to know the location of underground utilities such as gas, water, and electric lines. Hitting these can cause serious injury and damage. Always call your local utility companies or “Call Before You Dig” service to mark the locations of underground utilities in your area before using the drill auger.

What Do I Do If I Hit a Hard Patch of Ground or Rocks When Using My Power Planter Drill Auger?

First, don’t force the auger. It’s designed to handle tough soil, but hitting rocks could damage the tool. If you encounter a hard patch or rock, stop drilling, remove the auger from the hole, and try to remove the obstruction before continuing. If there is no obstruction, just hard ground, try leaning the auger at a slight angle while drilling. This will often get the teeth to once again bite into the hard ground. Our heavy duty augers have a pilot auger that is a huge asset for these types of soils.