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GroTab Fertilizer Tablets are a groundbreaking biostimulant for plants, designed to enhance soil fertility and nutrient uptake. These organic fertilizer tablets, enriched with patented beneficial microbials, start working upon application to boost plant metabolism throughout the growth cycle. Ideal for those seeking efficient tablet fertilizer solutions, GroTab ensures sustained release of nutrients, fostering robust plant growth and root establishment

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GroTab Fertilizer Tablets are innovative plant biostimulants in tablet form, meticulously crafted to amplify soil fertility, root fortification, and optimal nutrient absorption in plants. Composed exclusively with a patented and proprietary blend of beneficial microbials, GroTab initiates its enhancing action immediately upon application, enhancing plant metabolism throughout each growth phase.

From Horticultural Alliance, GroTab is a holistic, natural formula, combining mycorrhizal fungi, such as Funneliformis mosseae and Rhizoglomus irregulare, Trichoderma atroviride, and premium organic matter. These components interact with soil nutrients, promoting profound root development, enhanced plant establishment, and overall plant success.

The natural compounds within these organic fertilizer tablets serve to catalyze root growth, while the solubilization of phosphorus is enriched, rendering GroTab a fantastic solution for those seeking a blend of effectiveness and organic enrichment. The benefits of utilizing GroTab are many, fostering an enhanced tolerance to abiotic stress, an elevated yield, and an improvement in quality and consistency. Additionally, GroTab contributes to an extended fruit shelf life and greater resilience during transport.


  • Ecto- and EndoMycorrhizae Fungi – Attaches directly to the roots to increase root ball size, amount of root hairs, and nutrient uptake of trees.

  • Beneficial Bacteria – Works within the soil to unblock pathways, break down soil nutrients, and kill harmful bacteria in the soil.

  • Humic Acid – A soil carbon source that neutralizes acid and alkaline levels in the soil, regulates the pH-value of soils, and improves the uptake of nutrients and water by trees.

  • Soluble Sea Kelp – An organic source of plant food that improves root and tree growth, improves photosynthesis, and improves overall tree health.

  • Trichoderma Fungi – Insulates roots to fend off diseases and pests, increases enzymes and hormones in the tree, and increases the phosphorus and iron uptake.

  • Yucca Plant Extract – Organic wetting agent that unblocks soil pathways to penetrate deep into the root zone, while boosting the plant’s water retention to increase drought resistance.

  • 5% HORTA-SORB Water Gel – Holds water and nutrients to lengthen the time between waterings and maintain overall health of the tree.


    • Nursery and Landscape Ornamentals – 1 or 2 tablets per plant as determined by plant size
    • Horticulture under Greenhouse – 1 tablet per plant
    • New Vineyards – 2 tablets per plant
    • Fruit Trees – 2 tablets per plant
    • Vegetable and Garden Plants – 1 tablet per plant




    • Uptake of nutrients and essential elements
    • Fertilizer efficiency
    • Root health and colonization
    • Soil fertility and vitality
    • Phosphorus and Iron solubilization
    • Lateral root development
    • Fruit shelf life and consistency
    • Yield and quality traits of fruits
    • Plant metabolism
    • Plant establishment


    • Decreased root stress
    • Plant stress
    • Transplantation shock
    • Climatic and other abiotic stresses
    • Nutrient deficiencies
    • Fruit drop
    • Fruit cracking

    Tablet Count

    30 count, 100 count, 500 count, 1500 count

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