Power Planter Augers Bundled with DEWALT® Drills

Power Meets Precision

Our earth auger combo kits pair Power Planter augers with DEWALT drills to form the ultimate solution for professional landscapers, DIYers and everyone in between. Earth auger combo kits are a great way to breeze through digging jobs, and are as easy on your wallet as they are on your back. The combination of Power Planter earth augers and DEWALT® drills provides strength and durability that you can count on. We know that digging jobs have challenges depending on many different factors and because of that, we have curated earth auger bundle kits that have everything you need to tackle them and they are powered by drills from DEWALT®.

Earth augers from Power Planter are constructed from high-grade steel and are welded by hand to withstand the toughest soil conditions, ensuring they will last for years to come. When paired with DEWALT®’s powerful and long-lasting drills, you’ll have the perfect tool combination to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Customer Reviews

[review content="Wow what an incredible company and the Auger’s we purchased work PERFECTLY! We planted over 35 boxwoods in a matter of a couple of hours…and they were done! This company is amazing to deal with too, I ordered my 3 augers and they were here right away, packaged beautifully too!" name="Sharon K." product-name="Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3″ x 24″ and 5″ x 28″)" product-handle="professional-auger-starter-pack"]
[review content="This is a great sized combo pack for my exact landscaping needs. I was happy to learn my existing battery powered drill could be the engine for these new auger bits. Excellent quality, worth the price and delivered very fast. I am a very happy customer. Thank you!" name="Anonymous" product-name="Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3″ x 24″ and 5″ x 28″)" product-handle="professional-auger-starter-pack"]
[review content="Better value than ordering separately. The augers work great." name="Susan S." product-name="Garden Auger Starter Pack (2″ x 7″ and 3″ x 7″)" product-handle="plant-auger-starter-pack-for-homeowners"]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Mix and Match Parts of the Power Planter Augers Bundled with Drills from DEWALT®?

Earth augers and drills combined in these bundles have been carefully chosen to ensure compatibility between the auger and DEWALT ®drill. Therefore, we do not allow parts to be mixed and matched.

If I Purchase an Earth Auger Kit, Can I Use the Augers with Different Drills?

Yes. These earth auger kits are sold as such because we trust the performance of DEWALT® drills and they also ensure optimal compatibility between the included components, but Power Planter augers are compatible with other drills as well. Always be sure to check the compatibility of the auger you want and the drill you have or are considering purchasing, but if you decide on one of our Power Planter augers bundled with DEWALT® drills, know that they are ready to get to work right out of the box.

Do All of the Bundle Kits Come with an Earth Auger?

No. Some of the bundle kits are just DEWALT® drills and drill accessories. However, you can be sure that any of the products included in the bundle kits are ready for digging jobs with Power Planter Earth Augers.