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Effortless Drilling: Power Planter's Post Hole Augers Revolutionize Digging

Why dig that post hole when you can drill with a Power Planter post hole auger? Unlike manual post hole diggers, which can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, using a post hole auger can help you dig much more quickly and efficiently. Just attach one of our heavy-duty augers to your drill to dig uniform holes with a fraction of the effort that digging by hand requires.

While many hole digging tools can get the job done eventually, our post hole digger augers have the added advantage of being able to dig deeper without making the hole wider. Power Planter post hole augers drill straight down into the soil and lift the dirt up and out of the hole, keeping it the same size as all the other holes you’re digging. So whether you’re looking to secure fence posts, signs, or anything else in the ground, using a post hole digger auger from Power Planter can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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[review content="I bought it to help put steel fence posts in. Well made quality product. Happy I bought it." name="Anonymous" product-name="Extended Length Bulb Auger (3″ x Variable Length)" product-handle="324-extended-length-bulb-auger"]

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Post Hole Auger Do I Need for a 4×4 Post?

A 4×4 post would require at least a 6-inch post hole auger. A 4×4 post has a diagonal thickness of more than 5 inches and you want to make sure you leave enough space around the post to fill it with soil, stone, sand, or concrete.

Will a Post Hole Digger Work in Wet Soil?

Yes. Digging in wet soil requires significant effort, especially if you are using a traditional shovel or manual post hole digger. However, with Power Planter post hole augers, you can easily tackle this challenging task. Unlike most digging methods, which involve cutting into the soil and manually lifting out heavy chunks, the Power Planter post hole digger lets you skip the physically strenuous lifting part of the process. Powered by your drill, the auger cuts through the soil and effortlessly lifts it out of the hole, saving you time and energy.

How Do I Properly Maintain My Post Hole Auger?

Regular maintenance of your post hole digger auger involves keeping the blade clean and inspecting for damage. After every use, clean off any dirt and debris, and inspect for cracks or bends. Avoid using a severely damaged auger to ensure safe and efficient digging. By following these simple maintenance steps, you can keep your post hole auger in top condition, making your digging tasks easy and hassle-free.

Can Power Planter Post Hole Auger Drill Through Roots?

Yes, Power Planter Post Hole Augers are capable of drilling through small to medium-sized roots, making it easier to dig post holes even in root-dense areas. However, for very large or dense roots, you may need to use additional tools or methods to remove them before drilling your hole. See it for yourself!

How Deep Can Power Planter Post Hole Augers Drill?

Power Planter Post Hole Augers can drill deep enough to meet most needs for fence posts, signs, and other applications. The depth of the hole is typically determined by the length of the auger bit, and our range includes options that reach 28 inches with 16 inch extendersto go even deeper. However, the actual depth may also depend on the specific soil conditions and the power of the drill being used.