Garden Auger Starter Pack (2" x 7" and 3" x 7")

Garden Auger Starter Pack (2" x 7" and 3" x 7")


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*Drills sold separately

The Garden Auger Starter Pack is the perfect entry point for homeowners and landscapers who want to dig with greater efficiency and speed.

What’s Included

Suggested Uses (2” x 7”)

  • Planting bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths)
  • 3-4 inch bedding plants
  • Setting small varmint traps
  • Weeding
  • Digging holes for small posts or stakes or supports

Suggested Uses (3” x 7”)

  • Planting grass plugs (Zoysia, Bermuda, St Augustine, etc) 
  • Drilling holes for small annual flowers
  • Breaking up large soil clods for healthier root growth
  • Precise planting next to established plants without damage
  • Effective soil aeration for better water distribution and retention
  • Weed destruction without physically having to pull them
  • Installing Root Quencher Jr. 

Compatible Tools (Both Augers)

  • ⅜-inch non-slip hex drive fits most standard chucked cordless drills 
  • 18V minimum Drill
  • Drills sold separately
  • Safety Notice: Avoid use with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions from other manufacturers, or sockets

Product Description

Product Details

Product Specs

This kit includes two garden auger drill bits that turn any hand power drill into a powerful soil digger that makes planting a breeze. Our Plant Auger Starter Pack for Homeowners will have any home gardener or landscaper planting with speed and efficiency to get the most out of a variety of jobs. 

The best garden tools for homeowners

This Garden Auger Starter Pack is an excellent choice for starting your collection of plant augers for any gardener who loves to play in the soil. The garden auger drill bits are easy to use and will fit most cordless drills on the market. For best results, we recommend an 18V cordless drill.

All you need to do is tighten the drill chuck to secure the auger bit, and you’re ready to start digging with our garden augers. We include instructions and a “how to” video in the box to get you out into the garden and drilling safely in no time!

Perfect for Root Quencher Jr. Installations

With the Flower Planting Auger, not only can you plant flowers effortlessly. The 2-inch diameter tool included in the bundle is perfect for creating precise holes, making the installation of Root Quencher Jr. a breeze. It's the ideal solution for keeping your flowers watered and thriving, combining planting and watering efficiency in one simple step.


    • USA-made
    • Fits most electric or cordless drills
    • Comes with boxes for easy storage
    • Painted with glossy black enamel
    • Save 11% when you buy this pack compared to individual augers



    • Bulb Auger & Bedding Plant Tool (3 in. x 7 in.) - Light-Medium Duty
    • Garden Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool (2 in. x 7 in.) - Light-Medium Duty



    • Augers are made from 100% steel
    • Dig holes up to 6 inches deep
    • Strong, 5/8-inch steel shaft
    • 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive, fits ½-in drills
    • Minimum voltage recommendation: 18V cordless drill
    • *Drills sold separately.
    • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.


    Guides, Manuals, & Docs

    • Use the Auger Guide to pick the right auger for your project

    Bundle Name

    Garden Auger Starter Pack (2" x 7" and 3" x 7")

    Augers Included

    2" x 7" and 3" x 7"

    Auger Material

    American Steel

    Auger Dimensions (H x W x D)

    10x7x5 and 10x7x5

    Auger Weight

    15 oz and 1lb 3oz

    Auger Hole Size (W x D)

    2" x 7" and 3" x 7"

    Auger Use (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    Light Duty

    Drill Kit Products


    Drill Name


    Drill Dimensions (H x W x D)


    Drill Weight


    Drill Voltage Recommendation


    Drill Battery Life


    Drill/Auger Compatability

    3/8" or larger drill


    Limited Lifetime

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