Horizontal Auger Drilling

Why Choose Horizontal Auger Boring?

If you need to install gas lines, electrical lines, or plumbing beneath structures such as sidewalks, patios, or driveways, horizontal auger boring is an ideal solution. This method avoids the need to remove sections of concrete or pavement, simplifying what could otherwise be a complex task. Simply use your auger to drill underneath the sidewalk without any hassle.

Benefits for Various Professionals

Landscapers setting up trail lights or needing to bury electrical lines will find that a horizontal earth auger or under sidewalk auger greatly speeds up the process. These tools allow for minimal disruption to sidewalks, gardens, or other permanent fixtures. Likewise, contractors who are tasked with installing cable or high-speed Internet lines can benefit significantly from using a horizontal hole digger.

For those in plumbing and gas line services, an auger is indispensable for running outdoor water lines or gas piping with ease. Moreover, if you're planning to install a sprinkler system, using a sidewalk auger can simplify the installation process, eliminating the need for extensive trenching across your lawn.

Horizontal Augers from Power Planter

For horizontal drilling tasks, Power Planter offers a few specialized augers that are well-suited for the job:

Horizontal Boring Auger (2” x 54”) - This is Power Planter's premier tool for horizontal drilling, ideal for navigating tight spaces and designed specifically for creating pathways under sidewalks. Its length and durability allow it to excel in various soil types, including rocky and sandy conditions.

Heavy Duty Augers - Built to withstand tough conditions in dense, rocky, or clay soils, suitable for demanding landscaping tasks.

Extra Large Earth Auger (9” x 28”) - Features a heavy-duty tip for larger boreholes, capable of handling challenging environments.

Why Choose Power Planter Augers?

Power Planter augers are a smart choice for professionals needing reliable tools. Each auger is guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacturing, ensuring durability and performance. Proudly made in the USA, these augers come in various sizes and can be custom ordered to meet specific needs. Power Planter's commitment to quality makes their augers a valuable investment for any horizontal drilling project.

What Are the Benefits to Horizontal Auger Boring?

If you’re a professional, then horizontal auger drilling benefits you in various ways:

  • Laborers find it quicker and easier to drill bore holes rather than jackhammer sections of concrete or pavement to lay down plumbing, electrical or gas lines. With an auger, there is also no need to replace or repair concrete and pavement after the job is done.
  • The equipment for horizontal auger drilling is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. All you need is an auger and a power head — no jackhammer, no trenching equipment or heavy machinery like a backhoe. If horizontal drilling is something that you normally rent equipment to do, then with an auger, you’ll save on rental fees, as well.
  • Since the job goes more quickly with an auger, you’ll enjoy reduced labor costs.
  • Homeowners enjoy the results, too. They won’t have to worry about repairing driveways or sidewalks, nor will they have to reseed their lawns where trenches have been made.
  • Trenches often require sand or gravel to be laid down with the lines installed within the trench to prevent damage to those lines. Horizontal bore holes eliminate this need for extra protection around gas, plumbing or electrical lines.

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