Heavy-Duty Auger Replacement Tip

Heavy-Duty Auger Replacement Tip



The heavy-duty auger replacement tip is designed for the toughest tasks you can put your Power Planter auger through.

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Dig into the toughest soil with sharp points and rugged cutting surfaces. The tip can be effortlessly replaced when they've reached the end of their useful life, ensuring continuous performance and reliability. Whether you use your auger for planting shrubs or digging irrigation trenches in hard and heavy clay soils — our heavy-duty auger replacement tips will help your auger perform as well as the day you bought it. These auger bit tips are compatible with 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9-inch heavy-duty augers.

Add versatility to your auger with easy-to-replace tip.

Auger replacement tip is a cost-effective way to keep your auger working smoothly. New blades and digging tips cost far less than replacing the auger itself. Post hole auger replacement tip add versatility to your auger. Whether you use your auger for mixing liquids or digging in different soil types — from sandy to hard and heavy clay soils — auger replaceable tip will help you customize your tool to match the task at hand.

Please note: This product ONLY works with our 4-inch or larger Heavy Duty Augers. Replaceable tips are only available for the 4″ x 28″ – Heavy Duty, 5″ x 28″ – Heavy Duty, 7″ x 28″ – Heavy Duty, 8″ x 28″, and 9″ x 28″ models (heavy-duty augers).

Tackle bigger, tougher landscaping projects

Our post hole auger replacement tip is one reason why professionals and homeowners alike choose Power Planter over other auger brands. Power Planter’s auger replacement tip's are highly durable, making them perfect for professional landscapers who put the digging tools to the ultimate test. They help you tackle bigger, tougher landscaping projects while keeping your auger performing at its best.

Once the tip or cutting edges go dull, the auger needs to be replaced in its entirety, which can be an expensive investment compared to cost-effective replaceable parts. With our augers, replacement is easy. Digging tips are held in place with a pin. Simply remove the pin that locks the tip to the auger, replace the old tip, and then reinsert the pin.

Materials, parts, and craftsmanship are guaranteed

Another reason why landscapers and homeowners enjoy Power Planter’s products is our unconditional guarantee. Materials, parts, and craftsmanship are all backed by this guarantee. All of our products are hand-welded and made with quality steel. When purchasing a Power Planter auger, you’re investing in a tool that will last a lifetime.

Adapters can be replaced as well. You can conquer many different soil conditions with these rugged and versatile replaceable parts.

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Heavy Duty Replacement Tip

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