Extra Large Earth Auger with Heavy-Duty Tip (9" x 28")


Boasting professional-grade performance and durability, the Extra Large Earth Auger cuts through soil with ease and leaves extra space when digging holes for potted plants to promote growth.

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This large auger model was recently upgraded with our virtually indestructible and replaceable heavy-duty tip for added longevity. 

Tackle the biggest digs with ease.

Big jobs require a big auger, and measuring in at 9 inches in diameter by 28 inches long, this extra-large auger bit fits the bill. It features a rugged, 1.25-inch center shaft made out of 100% steel and 12 inches of double 10-gauge flighting (this doubles digging efficiency compared to single flighting). And, the heavy duty digging tip is a replaceable auger tip that will help you tackle the most challenging digging tasks without damaging the rest of the extra large auger. The leading portion of the 9-inch auger’s digging tip has replaceable auger blades (included with purchase) for a cost-effective solution to maintaining optimal performance for years to come

The 9-inch auger bit comes with an adaptable drive that will fit any 1/2-inch drill chuck – or larger drill chucks – with the use of the hex adapter included with this purchase. The large auger bit will also fit more powerful equipment like Stihl BT45 powerheads when purchased with a threaded adapter (sold separately). Additionally, our Quick Attach Auger Adapter is designed for seamless auger performance with any drill with a 7/16″ Quick Attach Chuck.

We recommend using an auger powerhead or drill with at least 60V of power with this bit – the extra large earth auger will fit any gas powerhead with 1-inch shaft. These products fit ½-in chuckeddrills. Our 60v drill bundle provides the extra large earth auger all the power you need for your projects PLUS TWO bonus batteries and hard carrying case – available only from Power Planter!

California Prop 65 Disclosure


  • USA-made
  • Glossy black enamel paint
  • Adaptable tube drive
  • Auger powerhead recommended for use
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable blades and digging tips
  • 1/2 inch hex drive adaptor



  • Digs holes up to 26 inches deep
  • Rugged, 1.25-inch 100% steel shaft with double 10-gauge flighting
  • 9 in. W x 28 in. L
  • *Drills sold separately.
  • Powerhead not included.
  • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.


Guides, Manuals, & Docs

  • Use the Auger Guide to pick the right auger for your project

Product Name

Extra Large Earth Auger with Heavy-Duty Tip (9″ x 28″)

Product Category

Heavy Duty Augers


American Steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)




Hole Size (Width x Depth)

9" x 28"

Use (heavy vs. light duty)

Heavy Duty

Drill Fit (inches)

1/2" Hex

Voltage Recommendation (V)


Add-Ons & Adapters (hexes, tips, adapters)


Color Options



Limited Lifetime


  • Power Planter Extra Large Earth Auger (9” x 28”)
  • Heavy Duty Digging Tip
  • Hex Adapter



  • The Extra Large Earth Auger only comes in a heavy duty version, giving you the best strength and durability Power Planter has to offer. 
  • The largest diameter earth auger we produce, the 9-inch auger cuts through tough soil and saves you time and effort. 


Suggested Uses:

  • Planting 3-gallon or larger potted plants
  • Digging through stubborn clay and rocky soils
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Doubles as a large post hole digger for 6 x 6 posts
  • Digging holes for support posts
  • Planting clusters of bulbs in the same hole

Compatible Tools:

  • Designed to fit seamlessly with ½-in chucked drills, this large auger bit is a perfect partner for your biggest planting tasks 
  • The Threaded Adapter (Sold separately) converts our heavy-duty augers to fit threaded connections like the one found on the Stihl® BT45.
  • The Power Planter Quick Attach Adapter
  • Drills sold separately.

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