Laura's Auger Set (2" x 36" and 3" x 36")


NEW! Discover effortless gardening with our premium Laura’s Auger Set with  2" x 36" and  3" x 36" Augers. Inspired by and named after Laura from Garden Answer on YouTube, these augers are some of the most versatile tools you can use in your yard. Whether you’re planting a garden bed full of flowers in spring or tackling various digging tasks around the yard, these 36-inch augers make it so you can get it all done without all the bending and the pain.

Product Description

The 5-inch auger is the perfect tool when I am planting quart size or smaller annuals. The extended length means I am not bending over when drilling, and the diameter of the auger allows the plant to slip into its new home easily. The heavy-duty tip makes quick work of drilling into my heavy red clay soil.

Introducing Jenny's Edition of our best selling quart pot landscaping auger! Jenny from Creekside Nursery's edition features a longer shaft with 6" of flighting for the same strength and durability as the original version, with less bending. Now in an electric Lime Green Color! The quart pot landscaping auger was engineered specifically for the demanding working conditions of professional landscapers. The innovative design featuring a double 6-gauge flighting not only doubles the speed but outperforms single-flighting augers, resulting in outstanding productivity even in dense, compacted soils. The 5-inch landscaping auger will fit seamlessly with ½-inch drills.*Drill sold separately.

Suggested Uses: 

  • Professional Landscapers
  • Great for all soils, including hard, rocky, clay soil
  • Plant quart-sized bedding plants
  • Plant smaller shrubs (up to 1 gallon)
  • 2-3 bulbs in a single hole
  • Plant perennial succulents in your garden
  • Installing small fence posts
  • Drill a series of holes and then clear out loose soil to create a shallow trench
  • Fits ½ inch drills with the included adapter, 7/16 Quick Attach drills, or the Stihl BT45 (sold separately) with a threaded adapter. Once the Stihl BT45 has loosened tough soil, you can then use this tool with a cordless drill for more precise or extended digging.
  • Use with a Power Planter Extender for: 
  • Added depth for pole hole drilling
  • Added reach to bore under a sidewalk for a gutter extension

Experience Faster Planting with the Jenny Edition 5-Inch Auger

Enhance your gardening efficiency with our premium 5-inch auger bit, perfectly designed to plant five to six-inch potted plants with speed and efficiency. Boasting a robust 5-inch diameter and impressive 32-inch length, this 5-inch auger is the tool of choice for professionals and hardcore DIYers alike.

Our Large Earth Augers Are Versatile

Don’t be fooled by the bright green auger. This version of our popular quart pot landscaping auger is no toy. The heavy-duty digging tip is a replaceable auger tip that will help you tackle the most challenging digging tasks without damaging the main auger. The leading portion of the digging tip also has replaceable auger blades (included with purchase). This allows for an easier and more cost-efficient way to keep your landscaping auger performing in top condition for decades.

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