Laura's Edition 3" x 36" Auger

Laura's Edition 3" x 36" Auger



*Drills sold separately

Maximize your gardening and landscaping potential with Laura's Edition of our 3" x 36" Extended Length Bulb Auger. 

Suggested Use

  • Planting bare-root trees and shrub saplings
  • Planting large bulbs and annuals
  • Deep-feeding and aerating trees or shrubs
  • Removing weeds
  • Installing termite bait stations
  • Digging post holes
  • Use as a sand and beach umbrella auger
  • Installing Root Quencher Jr. 
  • Mixing soil amendments, fertilizer, or mortar for hardscaping products

Compatible Tools

  • Drills with a ½-inch chuck
  • Minimum 18V drill needed
  • Drill sold separately
  • Safety Notice: Avoid use with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions from other manufacturers, or sockets

Product Description

Product Details

Product Specs

“The 3” auger is perfect for planting annuals and large bulbs. This is my most used auger and this ‘Laura Edition’ is slighter lighter than the normal 3” version while still being just as durable. I prefer the 36” length because it allows me to drill holes standing up.”

Get Power and Versatility

Experience the unique combination of power and versatility with Laura's Edition of our 3" x 36" Extended Length Bulb Auger. This lighter version of our standard extended length bulb auger allows you to plant a range of bulbs and 3-inch to 5-inch potted plants effortlessly, without the strain of bending or kneeling.

Whether you're planting trees, shrubs, or large bulbs, this auger makes these tasks quicker and easier. It's not just limited to gardening either. This tool is incredibly versatile for various yard tasks. Effortlessly install beach volleyball poles, umbrellas, or bore holes under sidewalks for electrical and irrigation lines.

Laura's Edition retains the essential features of our standard model, including fitting ½-inch drills and being made from tough, 10-gauge flighting on a strong, 5/8-inch solid steel shaft, but stands out with its lighter build, offering ease without compromising on durability.

Optimized for Root Quencher Jr. Installations

The Laura Edition 3" x 36" Auger, while larger in diameter, is an excellent tool for installing Root Quencher Jr. underground watering systems. Its size allows for quick and efficient drilling of holes suitable for the Root Quencher Jr., ensuring effective water delivery to the roots of plants. The extended length of the auger facilitates easy installation, allowing for drilling at a comfortable standing position. 


  • USA-made
  • Painted with glossy enamel.
  • This product will fit ½-in drills
  • Minimum voltage recommendation = 20V – see our Auger Guide. An electric drill with a side handle can let you use the bulb auger more safely and comfortably.



  • Strong, 5/8-inch 100% steel shaft with 10-gauge flighting
  • 3 inches in diameter
  • Digs holes between 35 inches deep
  • *Drills sold separately
  • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.


Guides, Manuals, & Docs

  • Use the Auger Guide to pick the right auger for your project


6.2 lbs


4 × 4 × 36 in






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