Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3" x 24" and 5" x 28")

Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3" x 24" and 5" x 28")



*Drills sold separately

This Landscaping Auger Starter Pack is designed and built for gardeners and DIY landscapers who are serious about making their property look professionally maintained.

Suggested Uses: Extended Length Bulb Auger 3" x 24

  • Planting 3-inch up to 5-inch potted plants
  • Planting bulbs
  • Installing small support structures like trellises and arbors
  • Installing beach umbrellas and volleyball poles
  • Boring holes under sidewalks for electrical or irrigation lines
  • Mixing soil amendments, fertilizer, or mortar for hardscaping products

Suggested Uses: Quart Pot Landscaping Auger 5" x 28"

  • Home - casual use 
  • Great for all soils except rocky or clay
  • Plant quart-sized bedding plants
  • Plant smaller (up to 1 gallon) shrubs
  • Bulb planting 2 -3 bulbs in a single hole
  • Plant perennial succulents in your garden
  • Installing small fence posts

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The starter pack comes with our two most popular landscaping augers: The 3 inch by 24 inch Extended Length Bulb Auger, and our 5 inch by 28 inch Quart Pot Landscaping Auger. Our landscaping auger bits are hand-welded, feature glossy black enamel paint, and are delivered ready to help you make short work of any job in your yard. The landscaping auger starter pack is available in a standard light-medium duty option for home use and for those looking for professional grade performance, a heavy duty option is also available. These products fit ½-in drills. *Drills sold separately. Save with this kit.

Landscaping augers dramatically increase planting speed and efficiency.

  • Extended Length Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.) – great for planting bedding plants and bulbs, mixing cement in a bucket or wheelbarrow, and even boring under sidewalks for gutter extensions.
  • Quart Pot Landscaping Auger (5 in. x 28 in.) – this landscaping hole digger makes installation of quart pot-sized plants easier. It also allows you to quickly dig holes to install perimeter fencing or even concrete pillars instead of using clunky post hole diggers or shovels.

Both landscaping auger bits come with a standard 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive. The minimum voltage recommendation is 18V-20V, with a cordless drill and side handle is preferred for added balance. For mass planting and drilling efficiency, a 40V-60V drill is recommended.

Our landscaping auger bundle is designed to handle all types of soil. Our light to medium-use variation will handle most soil and is perfect for home use. If you live in an area where clay is the primary soil, you’ll want to try our heavy-duty variation, which includes the Heavy Duty 3x24 Extended Length Bulb Auger and the Heavy Duty 5x28 Quart Pot Landscaping Auger.

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*Powerhead not included

California Prop 65 Disclosure


    • Made in the USA
    • Painted glossy black enamel
    • Hand-welded
    • Includes:
    • Extended Length Plant & Bulb Auger (3 in. x 24 in.)
    • Quart Pot Landscaping Auger (5 in. x 28 in.)



    • These landscaping augers dig holes up to 23 - 26 inches deep
    • Heavy duty, 100% steel shaft
    • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive
    • Minimum voltage recommendation = 18V - 20V – see our Auger Guide. Cordless drill with side handle preferred for safety.
    • *Drill sold separately
    • Powerhead not included
    • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.


    Guides, Manuals, & Docs

    • Use the Auger Guide to pick the right auger for your project

    Bundle Name

    Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3" x 24" and 5" x 28")

    Augers Included

    3" x 24" and 5" x 28"

    Auger Material

    American Steel

    Auger Dimensions (H x W x D)

    4X4X25 and 6X6X30

    Auger Weight

    3lb and 6lb 11oz

    Auger Hole Size (W x D)

    3″ x 24″ and 5″ x 28″

    Auger Use (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    Light Duty

    Drill Kit Products


    Drill Name


    Drill Dimensions (H x W x D)


    Drill Weight


    Drill Voltage Recommendation


    Drill Battery Life


    Drill/Auger Compatability

    1/2" drill needed


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