Trenching For Sprinkler System

Digging a trench for an irrigation system or sprinklers is no easy feat — at least, not with a shovel! However, a Power Planter auger can make that task much faster and easier. If you’d like to do the job yourself, consider an auger, which can help you get the job done without needing to rent expensive trenching equipment or hiring a professional. We’ll show you how.

Digging an Irrigation Trench: What You Need to Know

Most trenching for a sprinkler system needs to only be 8-12 inches deep. If you live in a climate where the ground freezes, then it must be a maximum of 18 inches. It’s a job that can be costly if you hire a professional, so it’s one task that you may want to DIY.

With an auger as your sprinkler trench digger, the job is simple. Once you have the plan laid out for the irrigation system, you’ll need to dig a pilot hole where the piping for the water lines begins. Make sure that this small portion of the trench is long and wide enough to fit the length of your auger and the drill to which it is attached. From there, you need only drill horizontally using an auger in the correct diameter to fit the size of the plumbing you are using.

Why DIY Trenching for an Irrigation System?

The biggest reason that a homeowner might want to turn this undertaking into a DIY project is cost. Hiring a professional for this job can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how extensive the sprinkler system is, but in actuality, it’s a relatively simple task to complete yourself. Using a trench digger for a sprinkler system can save you a lot of money on labor.

Another reason why you might want to tackle this project is your landscaping. Contractors work on time frames. Thus, if you are digging a trench for a sprinkler system beneath existing plants, they may want you to remove those plants before they begin the job — otherwise, you’ll risk damaging the landscaping during installation.

Installing a sprinkler system yourself allows you to work at your leisure and take every precaution needed to safeguard carefully tended flowerbeds.

Why Choose a Power Planter Auger?

There are lots of reasons to make Power Planter’s augers your tool of choice. For starters, they’re versatile — much more than just the best way to dig trenches for sprinklers. You can use them to plant bulbs, annuals, vegetables and other plants within your landscape. These augers can also be used to mix paint, dig holes to set posts and a variety of other tasks.

Our augers are hand-welded and made with high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime. That’s why our augers are backed by an unconditional guarantee on craftsmanship, materials and parts. Few other auger brands offer this kind of protection against defects.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Trenching Sprinkler Lines with a Power Planter Auger

  1. Planning: Before you can use your irrigation trencher (auger), you need to have a plan for your sprinkler system. Mark out where you want your trenches and water lines to go.
  2. Check Local Codes: Verify the required depth for your trenching based on local building codes. Typically, trenching for sprinkler lines needs to be 8-12 inches deep, or up to 18 inches in colder climates.
  3. Prepare Your Tools: Get your Power Planter auger ready by attaching it to a compatible drill.
  4. Pilot Hole: Start by digging a pilot hole at the beginning point of your irrigation system. Make sure the hole is wide and long enough to fit both the auger and the drill.
  5. Start Trenching: Insert the auger into the pilot hole and start the drill, moving horizontally along the planned path. Your auger now becomes a trencher for your sprinkler system.
  6. Check Depth: Periodically stop to measure the trench depth. Adjust your auger depth as necessary to meet local codes.
  7. Clean the Trench: Once you’ve finished trenching sprinkler lines, clean out any remaining dirt or debris from the trench.
  8. Lay the Pipes: Now that you have your trench, you can proceed to lay the pipes for your sprinkler system.
  9. Backfill: After all the pipes are laid, backfill the trench with soil.
  10. Test: Turn on the irrigation system to make sure everything is working as it should.

By following these steps, you can dig a trench for irrigation without having to rent expensive equipment or hiring professionals. A Power Planter auger makes it convenient, cost-effective, and simple to create the trenching you need for your sprinkler system.

Alternative Trenching Method: Drilling Series of Holes

Another approach to digging a trench with an auger involves drilling a series of closely-spaced holes along the planned path of the trench. Once the holes are drilled, you can use a shovel to clear out the excess dirt between them, leaving you with a neatly formed trench. This method is especially useful for digging trenches in hard or rocky soil, where a continuous drilling motion may be more challenging.

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