Power Planter vs. Cheap Competitors

May 25, 2023

Power Planter augers offer a superior experience for work in the garden or yard, combining durability, efficiency, and comfort. With over 30 years in the business, Power Planter stands behind its products with an unconditional guarantee on workmanship and craftsmanship (normal wear excluded). While cheaper competitor augers may initially seem cost-effective, their inferior design and construction can lead to inefficiency, discomfort, potential damage to your tools, and even danger to the user. A Power Planter auger is an investment in a reliable, long-lasting tool that can make your days in the garden more enjoyable.

Key Features

Hex Head Design: Power Planter augers feature a hex head that stays secure in the drill chuck, even when working in stubborn, compacted soil. This design prevents the auger from slipping from the grip of the drill’s chuck, ensuring a smooth and efficient digging process. The hex head may seem simple, but is a finely machined part that is accurate to the 0.0001” of an inch, meaning it is perfectly centered in your drill’s chuck and on the auger protecting your drill from excess vibration, and the user from inadvertent loosening in the chuck. *assuming the user has tightened the chuck following the drill manufacturer’s instructions for their specific drill model.*

5/8” Thick Solid Steel Shaft: The shaft of Power Planter augers is made from 5/8” thick, solid steel. This robust construction ensures the shaft can withstand high pressure without bending, providing a long-lasting tool that can handle even the toughest gardening tasks. In addition, the shaft on the 2” and 3” augers has the non-slip hex head machined to it, meaning there is no breaking point. It is all made from the same piece of metal eliminating weak points, and anything being off-center. The shafts are also made of 100% USA Made Steel!

1”-1.25” DOM Tubing: Our 4” and larger diameter augers are made from 100% USA Steel tubing. This isn’t any tube, it is DOM tube, meaning that the inside and outside are precisely milled to very specific tolerances that all our hex end and pilot auger end to be precisely centered in the drills protecting bearings and the user from slippage and inadvertent loosening *assuming the user has tightened the chuck following the drill manufacturer’s instructions for their specific drill model.*

Robust Flighting: The flighting on Power Planter augers is very robust, and again, 100% American Made, ensuring a consistent and even pitch and spiral around the shaft. This design allows for efficient soil displacement, tossing soil up and out of the hole for a quick and easy digging experience. The flighting is also slightly cupped, which helps carry the loosened soil out of the hole. Fun Fact: Did you know there is a top and bottom of flighting? Most companies do not know that, or care. It is a vital component in earth auger manufacturing, and another reason to trust Power Planter to your digging needs!

Solid, Thick, and Consistent Welds: Power Planter augers are characterized by their solid, lengthy, and consistent welds. Highly skilled American workers do these high-quality welds and contribute to the overall durability and longevity of the tools. More is better? NO! Many times customers ask why we don’t weld the entire auger to the shaft. There are many reasons, but a primary reason is heat build-up. If we did weld augers entirely to the shaft, the heat build-up will actually result in a lower quality auger. Moreover, a short “tack weld” that the competitors use is completely inadequate for quality and durability.

Balanced Design: Power Planter augers are designed to rotate without vibration. This balanced design not only makes the tool easier and more comfortable to use, but it also protects you and your drill from potential damage caused by intense vibrations. (Note other comments above about this in the hex section.)

Unconditional Guarantee: We stand behind our products with an unconditional guarantee at Power Planter. This commitment to customer satisfaction is a testament to the quality and reliability of our augers. If you ever have a comment or a question, we appreciate the opportunity to talk with you 1-on-1, just give us a call at 217-379-2614

Cheap Competitors

Even though cheaper competitor augers may seem like a bargain, their inferior design and construction can lead to a host of problems.

Key Issues

Rounded Drill Attachment: Cheap competitor augers often feature a rounded drill attachment. This design can lead to the auger slipping in the drill chuck, making your drilling tasks more difficult and less efficient.

Thin ¼” Shaft: The shafts of many bargain brand augers are typically only ¼” thick. This thin construction can bend under pressure, reducing the tool's lifespan and making it less reliable, and moreover incapable of drilling soils any more difficult than loose potting soils.

Thin Flighting with Uneven Pitch: The flighting on inferior competitor augers is often thin and features an uneven pitch. This design can result in deformations to the auger’s flighting that result in inefficient soil displacement and even safety risks. 

Small, Weak Tack Welds: Cheaply made augers are often characterized by small, weak tack welds. These inferior welds can compromise the durability and longevity of the tool.

Unbalanced Design: Cheap competitor augers often have an unbalanced design that vibrates intensely while spinning. This intense vibration can make the tool uncomfortable to use and can potentially damage both the drill and the auger.