Connecting by Climbing: Plant and Build Garden Supports

May 18, 2020

With the proper support, climbing plants reach maturity while adding height and beauty to any garden.

Whether it’s roses, hydrangeas, or peas grown and they’re grown in the ground or in containers, they all rise to reach their full potential. And there’s no denying the graceful way trellises and supports enhance any garden space. Pergolas threaded with wisteria and ivies rise to meet the sun rays while providing a layer of protection to porches and patios.

If you’re thinking of embracing the many varieties of climbing plants this spring, you’ll first want to choose a support that is relatively weatherproof and strong enough to support the plants you want to grow — and there are plenty of options to choose from including galvanized metal, bamboo or treated wood.

Decide if you’re looking for form or function and then choose the support that’s best for you. Arbors marking an entryway may be more sophisticated than bamboo used for snap peas. You could even grow a screen-like trellis to create a boundary or block unsightly views. Some plants will appreciate a little assistance at first to find their way to your support. You may need to add ties to train plants to grow the way you want.

To make installation easy, use a Power Planter auger with the right diameter for your post or trellis. Our Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7″ x 28″) will be especially helpful for those larger, post-like structures. Secure posts, trellises, and climbers by filling remaining space in holes with cement.

What is the right support for your climbing needs?


For an all-season entryway or garden centerpiece, choose an arch. These structures come in a variety of materials and can reflect your home aesthetic.


Trellises or panels are often used to screen one area off from another. You can find freestanding ones or those that can be attached to walls and posts. Think wood lattices and plastic mesh screens.

Obelisks, tripods and teepees:

For a vertical design element or focal point, choose a structure like an obelisk, tripod, or teepee. Take the mature height of the plant into consideration when making your choice. For an inexpensive support system for your veggie garden, try bamboo canes.

Ladders and repurposed supports:

If you have an item you’d like to repurpose for your yard, like a ladder, go ahead. You’ll want to make sure it is sturdy and durable. We recommend digging base holes and filling with cement for stability.

Take your garden to new heights by mixing and matching different support systems. Post photos of your trellis project to our Facebook page to be included in an upcoming post.