Everything You Wanted To Know About Earth Augers, But Didn't Know Who To Ask

November 30, 2018

If you have questions about augers, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about earth augers. Read on to learn the answers!

1. What Is an Earth Auger?

The first question you’re probably wondering is, what is an earth auger, anyway? These are simple tools designed to help you bore holes in a variety of sizes. Typically lightweight and inexpensive to purchase, an auger can help you with any task — from planting bulbs and grass plugs to digging post holes.

2. Why Do I Need an Earth Auger?

To make life easier! Augers are particularly handy for repetitive tasks. If you dread jobs like planting dozens of annuals, or if you have a large vegetable garden, you’ll find it is much quicker and easier to dig dozens of holes with an auger versus a trowel or spade shovel. Augers are also great for soil that is tough to dig. Heavy clay soils, which tend to clump and stick to shovels, are no problem with an auger.

3. How Do I Use an Auger?

Power Planter’s augers are simple to use. Apart from our two largest augers, which are designed to fit powerheads, all of our augers are made with a hex head so that they’ll fit a standard drill chuck. To use an auger, simply fit the hex head to a power drill or cordless drill. Once secured, you’re ready to start digging.

For larger holes, you may want to dig a small pilot hole before starting. Then, place the auger’s tip at the center of the hole you plan to dig, and activate the drill or powerhead.

Make sure to keep the auger vertical as it digs and be prepared — the drill will kick back in your hand slightly as the auger starts to bite into the soil. Once the auger is digging, there is no need to press on it. Just let the auger dig until you’ve reached the desired depth, and then you can safely remove the tool from the hole.

4. What Types of Augers Are Available?

At Power Planter, you’ll find a wide range of augers to suit a variety of needs. Here’s an overview of the types of augers we carry, and what you can do with them:
  • Two to Four Inch Augers: These augers come in a range of lengths, from 7 inches to 48 inches, and they’re ideal for the garden. With them, you can plant bulbs, grass plugs, annual and vegetable plugs, and even small potted plants.
  • Five to Seven Inch Augers: If you do a lot of landscaping, then these augers are ideal. Use augers of this size to dig holes for quart- or gallon-sized plants, small trees and shrubs, or even use them to dig smaller post holes.
  • Eight to Nine Inch Augers: While the smaller augers are made to be used with a power drill, the augers at the larger end of the scale are meant to work with a powerhead or engine. These augers are perfect for 2-gallon plants or to dig post holes if you plan to run a fence or set a mailbox post.

5. How Do I Choose the Right Auger?

To choose the auger that best fits your needs, consider how you’ll use it. If you plan on only using your auger to plant plugs, for instance, then a 2- or 3-inch auger will fit your needs. Though if you also anticipate the need to bury stakes or set small posts, then you may prefer a 4-inch auger or another, larger size.

Also keep the length in mind. Shorter augers will require you to be on your hands and knees as you dig, while an extended 48-inch auger will let you dig holes while from a standing position. If back pain is a concern, then go with a longer auger to minimize strain.

Power Planter augers can accomplish a variety of tasks — from helping you get your bedding plants in the ground come springtime to drilling through ice or mixing paint. If you have more questions about our products or how to select the right auger, feel free to use our auger guide or contact us for assistance.