Why Are Earth Augers Better Than a Shovel?

May 11, 2020

People prefer augers to shovels for a very simple reason: Augers make the job easier. For people struggling with arthritis, an auger places less strain on the hands than a shovel or trowel. Plus, because earth augers dig quick, precise holes, gardeners and landscapers with large planting jobs ahead of them find that the work of digging dozens of holes goes much faster.

Augers in longer lengths reduce the need to bend, or even kneel, which places less strain on the back and knees. In areas that are difficult to dig — places where the ground is hard, rocky or heavy with clay — an earth auger is easier to use than a shovel.

There are other tasks a garden auger or earth auger can handle, as well. Whether you need to bore holes or mix liquids, the augers that we offer will help! Feel free to browse the selection of augers available from Power Planter. If you have questions about which model is best-suited for your needs, or you would like to order, don’t hesitate to contact us!