Beach Essentials

July 16, 2018

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach — and nothing makes a beach trip better than having everything you need on hand. When you’re soaking up sun this season, what should you bring with you? To save you the trouble of having to think through options, here’s a roundup of must-haves to remember when you’re ready for fun in the sun:

  • Swimwear. It almost goes without mentioning that a day at the beach means swimwear. Whether you wear your suit to the beach or bring it in your bag to change when you get there, grab your outfit so you’re ready to swim. Likewise, pick a cover-up for traveling to and from the beach as well as helping you transition to errands or meals out after being in the sun. Wear comfortable sandals. Bring sunglasses. To minimize sun exposure, bring a wide-brimmed hat that can protect you from overexposure.
  • Sunscreen. Anytime you’re going to be exposed to the sun, you need to protect your skin with sunscreen that has a decent SPF. Order it ahead of time so you don’t overpay at the beach destination, and look for one sans harsh chemicals if possible.
  • A good beach towel. A beach towel is a must because it gives you something to lie on while you get dry from the water. Pack at least one for each person joining you on the beach.
  • Beach chairs. While you can lie directly on your towel on the sand, having beach chairs adds a layer of comfort to your day in the sun. Pack chairs that let you make the most of a day at the beach.
  • An umbrella and a beach auger. Relax in the shade while also protecting yourself from UV rays by bringing your own umbrella to the beach. Likewise, because setting up an umbrella can be tricky, particularly in hard sand, bring a digging tool such as the DIY Guru Auger. Small enough to slide in your beach bag yet powerful enough to dig holes 11 inches deep, this handheld beach umbrella auger makes it fast and easy to set up. Simply use the handy sand auger to make the hole, slide your umbrella stand inside, and set up the rest of your gear at your convenience.
  • A portable cooler with snacks. From cold drinks to on-the-go lunches and snacks, all your refreshments will stay fresher when they’re packed in a cooler. Bring enough to last you through your day, and rest easy that you’re prepared for hours in the sun.
  • A volleyball net. Set the stage for group activities by bringing beach balls and games for a crowd. One great option, for example, is a volleyball net — another situation where your DIY Guru Auger will come in handy! Use the sand auger to dig holes for your net and set it up with ease.
  • Entertainment. Whether you bring a book you’re currently reading, your Kindle or a crossword puzzle, pack the entertainment option that’s relaxing for you. While you’re comfortable beneath your umbrella, you’ll love having a pastime to enjoy.
  • Kids’ gear. If you’re bringing small kids with you on your trip, be sure to pack beach toys and water floaties to make the day safer and more fun.
  • Adult floatables. Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy water gear. If you like, pack some adult floatables, too. Whether you bring an inflatable beach chair or some pool noodles, you’ll add a little extra fun to your day.
There you have it — 10 must-haves for a day of fun in the sun! The next time you’re planning a beach day, reference this quick list to make sure you bring everything you need.