Small Auger and Dewalt Drill Safety Video – English

Video Transcript

"Hello everyone, Greg from Power Planter here. I want to express my gratitude for your interest and investment in our family-owned business. Today, I'm joined by Armando, an OSHA-certified safety instructor who teaches across the U.S. and at the College of DuPage. We're currently in the Chicago suburbs, filming safety videos for our 996 and the 60-volt 460 DeWalt drills with Power Planter augers.

Armando, it's great to meet you. Can you share a bit about your background?"
"Sure, I've been operating chainsaws since I was 15 and mowing lawns since I was around eight or nine. I started working with Stihl around 1999-2000, so I have extensive experience in this field. I've also worked with Caterpillar and Hustler Turf Equipment, among others. My involvement in safety began when there was no one else available to handle safety training, so I was chosen due to my expertise and bilingual skills. It's a pleasure to be here."

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Power Planter and the DeWalt drill demonstration. Today, we'll use the smaller drill. Before installing the auger, remember safety first – remove the battery. After installing and tightening the auger, don’t forget the handle. I prefer the 180-degree position for better control. Ensure everything is secure before starting. Install the battery, and you're ready to drill. Remember, these drills are loud, reaching around 90-91 decibels. OSHA recommends ear protection for anything over 85 decibels.

I'm setting the drill to the slowest speed. This model has ten speed settings and three power levels. Starting slow is best. If the safety clutch clicks in at a lower setting, increase the speed gradually. Around position five or six usually works well."

September 08, 2023

OSHA certified safety instructor shows you how to safely install and use your small Power Planter Earth Auger and Dewalt drill. Safety video in English