Will an auger go through tree roots?

March 28, 2022

Brian from Power Planter demonstrates the resilience and safety of their USA-made augers, specifically addressing the question, “Will an auger go through tree roots?” With confidence, Brian reassures viewers that even when hitting a rock or a large tree root, the Power Planter, acting as a tree root auger bit, will not break. “You can go for broke digging stony ground and everything. This thing will not break, and if it does break, we’re going to replace it anyway,” Brian confidently states.

The video also highlights the safety features of the Power Planter when used with an 18-volt cordless drill. Brian explains the value of the drill’s clutch to protect your wrist from jarring or twisting when the auger hits a hard object. He demonstrates how adjusting the clutch setting allows the drill to disengage the motor when it encounters resistance, preventing any sudden movements that could injure the user.

Brian emphasizes that the Power Planter is safe for all users, even those with limited arm strength or physical disabilities. “Even people in wheelchairs and various arthritis are using Power Planters because it is totally safe to use. You don’t need super arm strength like you would with your normal manual tools and you can get out there and dig that ground and grow that beautiful garden,” he says. This makes it clear that an auger can go through roots safely and efficiently with the Power Planter.