For as tough as our heavy-duty augers are, they are not immune from wear and tear. Luckily, we have auger accessories and replacement blades to make sure you can keep your augers digging for a lifetime.

Power Planter heavy-duty augers rip through the roughest of soils with hardened blades and sturdy, hand-welded construction, but sometimes those blades can become dull or damaged. That’s why we offer auger replacement blades and tips for our heavy-duty augers.

Our auger replacement blades and tips are made from high-quality, hardened steel to ensure maximum durability and efficiency. With a variety of sizes available, we have replacement blades for your specific auger model.

For those looking to use their heavy-duty auger with more powerful equipment than a standard cordless drill, we have earth auger adapters that enable any of our tube drive augers to fit 1-inch shafted post hole diggers, 1/2-inch hex drills, or threaded shaft drills, such as a Stihl BT45. Never feel like you need more power again when you use one of our auger drill adapters to connect to a stronger tool. And if you want to dig deeper, we have 16” auger tube drive extenders to give your auger extra reach into the ground.

Video Reviews

[review content="The auger replacement blades extend the life of your big augers. We have sandy soil, and even with the high-quality, heavy auger tip, the soil wears down the tips so the auger doesn’t doesn’t bite the soil as well. These replacement blades are economical and logical. I highly recommend purchasing the heavy-duty augers and replacement blades." name="Anonymous" product-name="Auger Replacement Blades" product-handle="auger-blades"]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Auger Not Digging?

When auger blades become dull from encountering rocky soil or from long periods of use, the auger can struggle with properly cutting its way through the ground as effectively as when you first bought it. If you find that your auger is no longer working the way you like, it may be time for some auger replacement blades and tips. Once attached, you’ll give new life to your Power Planter auger.

Are Auger Replacement Blades Interchangeable?

Our auger replacement blades do not fit all auger models. The replacement blades are compatible with 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9-inch THD augers (tube drives with heavy-duty tips).

Do Your Earth Auger Adapters Connect to Gas Powerheads?

Yes. Our threaded tube earth auger adapters enable a connection with gasoline powerheads such as the Stihl® BT45 or similar. Please note that gas powerheads provide extra power compared to cordless drills and should not be used in rocky soils for safety reasons.