Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades

Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades



Our Ice Auger Drill Attachment and Blades ensure you slice through thick ice effortlessly!

  • If you already own the Power Planter 7x28" Heavy Duty Auger, transform it into the ultimate ice-cutting machine by selecting the "Ice Auger Only", which includes the Ice Auger Drill Attachment, additional blades, and an auger saving disc to guarantee your gear remains securely atop the ice.
  • Don't have the Power Planter 7x28" Heavy Duty Auger? You'll need the "Ice Auger Bundle", which includes the 7x28" Heavy Duty Auger as well. 

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Cut Perfect Holes through Ice with Ease

Pair the Power Planter heavy-duty auger with our premium ice auger attachment blades, and you have an incredibly versatile duo. For most seasons, utilize the robust auger to seamlessly dig holes for various yard tasks. Yet, as the chill sets and waters freeze, morph your robust auger into a high-efficiency ice auger! Simply equip the ultra-sharp, exchangeable ice auger blades, and voila – you’re piercing perfect holes through formidable ice with unparalleled ease.

Our state-of-the-art ice auger drill attachment stands as a superior alternative, outclassing manual augers in efficiency and surpassing gas-powered options in convenience. Pack your ice auger, the sharp blades, a charged cordless drill, and head to the lake to reel in some fish!

The ice auger can be used with an 18V or 20V cordless drill, and you can purchase extensions to go even deeper if needed. The ice auger attachment blades work exclusively with the Power Planter 7” x 28” heavy duty auger. You can purchase the ice auger drill attachment and the ice auger blades here separately or as part of a bundle.

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The Ice Auger Bundle Includes:


  • Perfect for ice fishing
  • Cuts a 7" hole in Ice up to 26" thick.

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Ice Auger Drill Attachment & Blades

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Adaptors and Accessories

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