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Complete More Jobs in Less Time

Unveil the secret to turbocharging your landscaping business with professional gardening tools –  Power Planter Earth Augers! Eliminate the labor-intensive hassle of traditional shovels and elevate your crew’s efficiency with our professional landscaping equipment. Engineered to transform your digging tasks, our elite Power Planter Earth Augers slash project time, reduce effort, and enhance precision, setting a new benchmark in professional landscaping tools and equipment.

Why Switch from Shovels to Professional Augers?

Picture this: reduced labor costs, minimized strain on your team, and maximized productivity. Our augers effortlessly power through all kinds of soil (yes, even clay and rocky soil), saving your team time and energy while ensuring consistent and precise holes for planting, installing fences, or any project. Speeding up project timelines, our augers can ensure more jobs are completed in less time without burning out your crews. With customizable settings for different soil types and depths, your crew will deliver top-notch results, faster than ever before, courtesy of our professional gardening equipment that’s over 2x as efficient and safer for both plants and workers.

Invest in both quality and speed with our professional landscaping tools. Our premium Power Planter Earth Augers are 100% USA-made and come with a limited lifetime warranty  for lasting durability and performance. This isn’t just an investment; it’s a safeguard against potential economic headwinds. We also provide 1-on-1 customer service for all your landscaping questions.

Landscaping Augers for Every Project

Think outside the box—our Power Planter earth augers aren’t just for planting. They’re a multi-purpose speed enhancer for your team. Ideal for holiday lighting, irrigation, and decorative lighting installations, our professional augers streamline a multitude of tasks, allowing you to diversify your services. 

Invest in the future of your landscaping business. Embrace the technology that guarantees faster project completion, happier employees, and ultimately, satisfied clients. Upgrade to Earth Augers today and unearth a new era of success in your landscaping endeavors. Your business deserves the best – experience the difference now!

Check out our top picks for Landscaping Professionals

Maximize efficiency and savings with our bundles, featuring Power Planter heavy-duty augers perfectly paired with premium drill sets. One package provides all you need for game-changing landscaping work.

Ultimate Heavy Duty Professional Landscaper Bundle (Heavy Duty Tips)

This all-in-one digging solution is the workhorse professional landscapers can rely on. This bundle includes a complete DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® kit (with a DCB118 Fast Charger), and a set of three largeheavy-duty Power Planter augers. This bundle also includes 2 extra DCB609 9Ah 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries and ToughSystem® DS400 XL Case. Serious landscapers now have a robust solution for those exceptionally tough gardening or landscaping jobs.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely love the power planter. We have red clay soil and it is amazing how it digs through it. We purchased the professional bundle, Jenny’s pick from Creekside Nursery, but we use this in our home garden and even though it is heavy duty it is light enough for my wife to use it. Highly recommend this for anyone who gardens.”

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Ultra Heavy Duty Professional Landscape Bundle

This all-in-one digging solution is the workhorse professional landscapers can rely on to tackle big digs. This bundle includes a complete DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® kit (with a DCB118 Fast Charger), and a set of two of our largest heavy-duty Power Planter augers. This bundle also includes 2 extra DCB609 9Ah 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries and ToughSystem® DS400 XL Case. Serious landscapers now have a robust solution for those exceptionally tough gardening or landscaping jobs.

Customer Reviews

“This thing is awesome! I planted 20 plants in 15 minutes, with 1 man!!”

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Landscaping Auger Starter Pack (3″ x 24″ and 5″ x 28″)

This Landscaping Auger Starter Pack is designed and built for gardeners and DIY landscapers who are serious about making their property look professionally maintained. The starter pack comes with our two most popular landscaping augers: The 3 inch by 24 inch Extended Length Bulb Auger, and our 5 inch by 28 inch Quart Pot Landscaping Auger. Our landscaping auger bits are hand-welded, feature glossy black enamel paint, and are delivered ready to help you make short work of any job in your yard. The landscaping auger starter pack is available in a standard light-medium duty option for home use and for those looking for professional grade performance, a heavy duty option is also available. These products fit ½-in drills.

Customer Reviews

“This is a great sized combo pack for my exact landscaping needs. I was happy to learn my existing battery powered drill could be the engine for these new auger bits. Excellent quality, worth the price and delivered very fast. I am a very happy customer. Thank you!”

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Landscape Drill Bundle

The powerful brushless motor of the DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® allows the mixer to tackle demanding drilling applications. To improve control, the Mixer/Drill has the anti-rotation E-CLUTCH System. This feature senses the motion of the tool and shuts it down if necessary. This kit includes an 2 extra DEWALT DCB609 9Ah batteries, plus a large DEWALT ToughSystem DS400 storage case to keep your drill, batteries, and charger all in one convenient location.

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Upgrade your equipment with high-quality DEWALT drills, engineered for seamless compatibility with Power Planter augers. Experience unmatched drilling performance and durability with these power-packed tools.

We even carry adapters for most drills

  • Threaded for Stihl BT45
  • Hex (Standard) for chucked drills
  • Quick Change/Attach for 7/16” Quick Change Drills (Milwaukee Hole Hawg)
  • Coming Soon….Spline for Stihl BT131
  • Coming Soon….7/8” (Metric sized) for foreign power heads.

DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch®

This drill is AMAZING at handling the 5” auger, all the way up to the largest 9” size. It’s a heavy drill but still completely manageable to use. I highly recommend this one for the larger augers.

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Transform your digging and planting tasks with our versatile Earth Augers. Designed for a range of applications, these professional augers make any job faster, easier, and more precise.

Tree Planting Auger Bit (2” x Variable Length)

Discover our versatile Tree Auger & Planting Tool, designed to efficiently dig holes for bare-root trees and saplings with ease, letting you work faster and eliminating the need to bend over thanks to its ergonomic handle design. The rugged, tree-hole digger’s durable design is built to withstand challenging soil conditions and allows you to power through rocky, sandy soils as well as harder clay soil. You can even dig horizontally under sidewalks with the tree auger bit for irrigation or gutter extensions. Add a heavy-duty tip made from military-grade abrasion-resistant material for additional durability in compacted or rocky soil.  This tree planting tool is available in various lengths and diameters, making it perfect for installing beach umbrellas, termite bait stations, deep root aeration and fertilization of trees, planting grass plugs and 4- or 6-pack annuals, and even bulb planting. Deep root aeration and fertilization techniques allow for improved nutrient absorption and root breathing, especially in heavy clay soils. These products fit ½-inch hex drive drills. Drill sold separately. Its compact size ensures easy storage and transport for all your planting and landscaping needs.

Customer Reviews

“Great so far, only used for 500 2×5 inch plugs to date. It went very fast. It is the perfect hole for 2×5 inch deep plugs or 2×2 shallow plugs. The 3 inch auger I used before required more backfilling around the plugs. A hint to help get the right depth– I painted the auger a different color above 5 inches so I would know when to stop.”

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Extended Length Bulb Auger (3″ x Variable Length)

With our extended-length bulb auger, you can effortlessly plant bulbs and 3-inch up to 5-inch potted plants without the need for kneeling or bending over. You will be planting trees and shrubs and digging post holes faster than you ever could before with the 3-inch auger drill bit. Power Planter bulb augers are also a great choice for installing beach volleyball poles and umbrellas or boring holes under sidewalks for electrical or irrigation lines. Now available in black, pink, purple, and lime colors for 24″ length only. The extended-length bulb auger will fit ½-in drills.

Customer Reviews

“Answered all my problems with planting bulbs. I had one hundred bulbs to plant and a box full of day lilies to plant in my front slope. Thank you for my auger!”

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Quart Pot Landscaping Auger (5” x 28”)

The quart pot landscaping auger was engineered specifically for the demanding working conditions of professional landscapers. This high-performance auger offers unmatched strength and durability, so you can plant 5-inch up to gallon potted plants swiftly and effectively. The innovative design featuring a double 10-gauge flighting not only doubles the speed but outperforms single-flighting augers, resulting in outstanding productivity even in dense, compacted soils. The 5-inch landscaping auger will fit seamlessly with ½-inch drills.

Customer Reviews

“I have quite a variety of Power Plant augers, and I am very pleased with my latest addition — the 5″ auger in a very comfortable length. This auger is perfect for quickly digging holes to plant potted plants, and it’s great for digging holes for bare-rooted plants because a 5″ hole gives a lot of room for roots to spread out. I like the 28″ length so I do not have to bend over. I will be planting 200 asparagus crowns soon and this auger will make short work of the deep holes needed for asparagus. I use a Milwaukee drywall compound mixer to power all of my augers.”

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Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7″ x 28″)

This Gallon Pot & Post Hole auger is a dream come true for professional landscapers and serious DIYers. Designed and built to handle all of your planting and fencing needs, this high-performance auger hole digger excels at drilling impeccable holes for gallon-sized up to 5-gallon sized (if you ream the hole) potted plants, shrubs, 4×4 fence posts, and more. Engineered with precision, the post hole auger creates perfectly-sized holes while leaving ample room for cement around the post, ensuring stability and durability in your fence construction. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this heavy-duty auger boasts a solid 1.25-inch shaft made entirely of steel. With the Post Hole Auger in your arsenal, you’ll be equipped to tackle any landscaping project with confidence and ease. Experience the unmatched power and performance of this top-tier hole auger and elevate your outdoor projects to new heights. This product fits ½-in drills, or Stihl BT45 Power Units with the purchase of our threaded adapter.

Customer Reviews

“Easily cuts through New England rocky ground. Just have to go slow. I use the Dewalt cordless mud mixer and pulse the trigger. Works great.”ixer to power all of my augers.”

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*Drills sold separately

Extra Large Earth Auger with Heavy-Duty Tip (9″ x 28″)

Our Extra Large Earth Auger with heavy-duty tip has been expertly crafted for planting 3-gallon or larger potted plants and doubles as a large post hole digger for 6 x 6 posts. This large auger model was recently upgraded with our virtually indestructible and replaceable heavy-duty tip for added longevity. Boasting professional-grade performance and durability, the 9-inch auger bit cuts through soil with ease and leaves extra space when digging holes for potted plants to promote growth. Designed to fit seamlessly with ½-in drills, this large auger bit is a perfect partner for your biggest planting tasks 

Customer Reviews

“I purchased this tool for my landscaping business. The initial impression of this tool is that it is large and hard to use. After connecting it to the drill, my opinion completely changed. The only thing is, I did have to learn how to hold the drill while drilling but that took about 30 seconds. Had to plant hydrangeas in 5 gallon pots, the 9-in auger was perfect. I would say the only drawback is there was some dirt in my shoes after use. I do want to say thank you for creating this tool.”

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Landscaping Professionals love the efficiency of Power Planter Augers

Watch how quickly and easily these landscaping professionals use Power Planter Earth Augers to drill holes and complete jobs compared to using a standard shovel. Finish more jobs quicker with Power Planter Augers.

Watch Landscape Professionals use Power Planter Augers to complete the toughest jobs

Discover the game-changer for landscaping pros: earth augers. Say goodbye to back-breaking shovel work and hello to efficiency. Unearth the benefits of quicker digging, precision planting, and reduced strain in our latest video – your ultimate guide to upgrading your landscaping game. See how and why these landscape professionals use Power Planter Earth Augers to complete the toughest jobs quickly and easily. Complete more jobs faster with Power Planter Augers.

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