Ultimate Professional Landscape Auger Bundle (Heavy Duty Tips)


Get the most from your gardening and outdoor projects with the Ultimate Professional Landscape Auger Bundle. This powerhouse package combines the power of the DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill with the versatility of Power Planter's heavy-duty landscape augers, ensuring you have the right tools for a variety of tasks. From planting bulbs and bedding plants to installing support structures and digging holes for fence posts, this bundle makes any job easier.

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Dramatically increase planting production and efficiency with Power Planter heavy-duty augers...

    • Power Planter Extended Length Bulb Auger - Heavy Duty (3 in. x 24 in.) 
      • Planting 3-inch up to 5-inch potted plants
      • Planting bulbs
      • Installing small support structures like trellises and arbors
      • Installing beach umbrellas and volleyball poles
      • Boring holes under sidewalks for electrical or irrigation lines

    • Power Planter Quart Pot Plant Auger - Heavy Duty (5 in. x 28 in.) 
      • Great for all soils, including hard, rocky, clay soil
      • Plant quart-sized bedding plants
      • Plant smaller shrubs (up to 1 gallon)
      • 2-3 bulbs in a single hole
      • Installing small fence posts
      • Drill a series of holes and then clear out loose soil to create a shallow trench

    • Power Planter Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger - Heavy Duty (7 in. x 28 in.) 
      • Drilling holes in soil for gallon-sized up to 5-gallon-sized (if you ream the hole or drill 3 holes in a triangle) plants or B&B trees.
      • Drilling holes for 4x4 fence posts
      • Creating holes for support posts of decks, pergolas, and other outdoor structures
      • Drilling irrigation and drainage systems

    DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch®

    The DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill with E-CLUTCH System has over 2x the power compared to DEWALT’s DW130V corded mixing drill, allowing it to easily mix thin-set and tile mortar, as well as fiber reinforced concrete. In addition to mixing, the powerful brushless motor allows the mixer to tackle demanding drilling applications. In order to improve control, the Mixer/Drill has the anti-rotation E-CLUTCH System, which offers technology capable of detecting the motion of the tool. This feature senses the motion of the tool and shuts it down if necessary. The red indicator LED illuminates when the E-CLUTCH System is engaged. Compatible with all Power Planter augers (2" diameter - 9" diameter), the DEWALT DCD130T1 is a perfect companion to handle the most demanding jobs your garden and yard can throw at you.

    This Bundle Also Includes:

    DEWALT ToughSystem® DS400 XL Case (DWST08204)

    The DS400 Large ToughSystem® Case is the ideal tool storage unit, featuring a durable and thick structural foam box wall in addition to the integrated water seal and, central locking mechanism. This case is compatible with the entire ToughSystem® line.

    (2) DEWALT DCB609 Flexvolt® 20V/60V max* 9.0Ah Battery

    The dual-voltage FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V MAX* 9.0 Ah battery automatically changes voltage when you change tools, providing up to 6X runtime** (** With DCB609 FLEXVOLT® battery when used with DEWALT 20V MAX* tools compared to DCB201 1.5 Ah battery pack.) in 20V MAX* tools and the power of corded in 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools.

    Power Planter Adapters

    These adapters enable any of our heavy duty augers to fit a 1/2-inch hex drill. Switching between the adapter takes just seconds, which is great for contractors who want to increase productivity while decreasing costs. Threaded adapters can be purchased for powerheads with 1 inch or threaded shaft connections.

    With the addition of our 7/16" Quick Attach Auger Adapter, users can change tools quickly, offering unparalleled flexibility in their work. This quick attach feature provides a secure connection and is also designed to save time and increase efficiency, perfect for contractors looking to enhance productivity while reducing costs.

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    POWER PLANTER and the Power Planter design mark are registered trademarks of Power Planter, Inc.

    DEWALT and its yellow and black color combination are registered trademarks of The Black & Decker Corporation. The Black & Decker Corporation and DEWALT have not manufactured or endorsed any Power Planter products or their use with any DEWALT products.

    Safety Notice

    To reduce risk of injury, user must read DEWALT instruction manual before operating DEWALT product. Always use ANSI Z87.1 eye protection and proper respiratory protection. Keep hands and body clear of sharp edges and moving parts.


    The DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® Drill Kit Includes

    • DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch®
    • Chuck Key and Holder
    • 3-Position Side Handle
    • DEWALT ToughSystem® DS400 XL Case (DWST08204)
    • Bonus Item: (2) DEWALT DCB609 20V/60V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery
    • Two 1/2 inch hex head auger adaptors. Fits any 1/2 inch drill chuck.

    The Power Planter Professional Starter Pack

    • Made in the USA
    • Painted glossy black enamel
    • Hand-welded
    • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive
    • Includes:



    The DEWALT DCD130T1 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill With E-Clutch® Drill

    • The DCD130T1 Mixer/Drill works with ALL Power Planter augers (2" diameter - 9" diameter)
    • 60V MAX* Brushless Motor for increased power and runtime.
    • Power of a gas or corded unit but with cordless functionality.
    • 3-position side handle for leverage and control over all digging and mixing tasks.
    • Continuous variable-speed trigger allows the correct speed to be found.
    • E-Clutch is a Perform and Protect™ feature that detects reactionary torque caused by a bind-up or stall and reduces speed to a manageable level until control is regained.
    • The DEWALT® Perform and Protect™ line of power tools is designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: control, dust containment, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance.

    The Power Planter Professional Heavy Duty Starter Pack

    • Augers dig holes up to 23 - 26 inches deep
    • Heavy duty, 100% steel shaft
    • 1/2-inch non-slip hex drive

    The Power Planter Gallon Pot Auger

    • Digs holes up to 14 - 26 inches deep
    • Heavy duty, 1.25-inch 100% steel shaft with double 10-gauge flighting
    • 7 inches in diameter


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    Ultimate Heavy Duty Professional Landscaper Bundle (Heavy Duty Tips)

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    American Steel

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