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Auger Adaptors & Accessories

Replaceable Heavy-Duty Auger Parts

Keeping your auger in good shape is easier with replaceable parts from Power Planter. Replacing the blades or tips of heavy duty augers can ensure that they will remain effective and efficient as long as possible. Click on the auger parts page to see which models have the replaceable parts option.

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Auger Adaptors

Adaptors make it easy to switch augers between drills or other digging equipment, increasing productivity for professionals and homeowners alike.

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As a third-generation, family-owned business based in rural Illinois, Power Planter remains deeply connected to our agricultural heritage. We know how important it is for professional landscapers and home gardeners alike to keep doing what they love. That’s why we’re focused on making plant hole diggers that are easy to use. Our commitment means we’re the best place to buy garden drill augers that allow you to continue enjoying your time outside.

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The Ultimate Guide to Augers

Not sure where to start? Our auger guide will help you determine the right size, the right drill, and the right approach to every garden or landscape digging project.

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