Extend the Life & Capabilities of Your Tube Augers

With heavy-duty replacement parts and adaptors you can tackle any digging job that comes your way. When we say our aguers will last a lifetime, we mean it.


Auger Adaptors & Accessories

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Heavy Duty Replacement Tips

Post hole auger digging tips are virtually indestructible. Dig into the toughest soil with sharp points and rugged cutting surfaces. Whether you use your auger for mixing liquids or powering through hard and heavy clay soils — replaceable heavy-duty tube auger tips will help you customize your auger to match the task at hand. These digging tips are compatible with 4, 5, and 7 inch THD augers (tube drives with heavy-duty tips)

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Auger Replacement Blades

Replacing auger parts is a cost-effective way to keep your auger working smoothly. Auger replacement blades cost far less than replacing the auger itself. You’ll also gain sharp points and cutting surfaces to dig into the toughest soil. Replacement blades are compatible with 4, 5, and 7 inch THD augers (tube drives with heavy-duty tips).

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Auger Adaptors

Our Auger Adaptors are ideal for professional landscapers to maximize planting and digging efficiency. These adaptors enable any of our tube drive augers to fit a 1-inch shafted post hole digger, a 1/2-inch hex drill, or a threaded shaft drill. Switching between the tube drive and the adaptor takes just seconds, which is great for contractors who want to increase productivity while decreasing costs. Select from two types of adaptors...

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