Horizontal Drilling

When to consider horizontal auger boring.

If you need to run gas lines, electrical lines or plumbing beneath a sidewalk, patio or driveway, the task can seem daunting. If you don’t want to remove sections of concrete or pavement, then you’ll need to consider horizontal boring, which can make the job a lot easier. Read on, and we’ll show you how Power Planter augers can help. There are lots of scenarios in which horizontal drilling can make a job much easier. Landscapers who are running trail lights or who need to bury electrical lines beneath sidewalks and other permanent fixtures will find that directional auger boring makes the job go a lot faster, without the need to remove sidewalks or garden beds that may be in the way. Similarly, contractors installing cable or high-speed Internet lines can also benefit from an auger. Plumbers and gas line professionals, too, can make use of augers to run outdoor water lines or gas piping. If you’re installing a sprinkler system, then augers make the job far easier, without the need to run trenches throughout a lawn.

What Are the Benefits to Horizontal Auger Boring?

If you’re a professional, then horizontal auger drilling benefits you in various ways:

  • Laborers find it quicker and easier to drill bore holes rather than jackhammer sections of concrete or pavement to lay down plumbing, electrical or gas lines. With an auger, there is also no need to replace or repair concrete and pavement after the job is done.
  • The equipment for horizontal auger drilling is inexpensive to purchase and maintain. All you need is an auger and a power head — no jackhammer, no trenching equipment or heavy machinery like a backhoe. If horizontal drilling is something that you normally rent equipment to do, then with an auger, you’ll save on rental fees, as well.
  • Since the job goes more quickly with an auger, you’ll enjoy reduced labor costs.
  • Homeowners enjoy the results, too. They won’t have to worry about repairing driveways or sidewalks, nor will they have to reseed their lawns where trenches have been made.
  • Trenches often require sand or gravel to be laid down with the lines installed within the trench to prevent damage to those lines. Horizontal bore holes eliminate this need for extra protection around gas, plumbing or electrical lines.

Why Choose Power Planter Augers?

Reliable professionals need reliable tools, and that’s one good reason to choose a Power Planter auger over another brand. Our products are 100 percent guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects, which means that a Power Planter auger is an investment that will give you great returns. All of our augers are manufactured in the United States, and careful attention is paid to every detail throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our augers will last for years. We offer many custom sizes and lengths via special order, so please contact us with questions. If horizontal drilling is a part of your business, then be sure to check out Power Planter’s augers today. With a selection in a variety of widths and lengths, we’re certain to have an auger that fits your needs!

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