Jenny's Pick

Jenny Simpson, owner of Creekside Nursery, Inc., shares her favorite Power Planter Augers that make planting a breeze.

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Ultimate Heavy Duty Professional Landscaper Bundle

If your garden has challenging soil like mine, then this bundle will radically change the way you garden!  What makes this bundle special is the drill will not only power through tough ground, but it also has the E-Clutch® System which gives you peace of mind knowing that the drill will help protect you when it hits resistance. It has all the heavy-duty augers necessary for you to tackle any challenge your garden may throw at you.  If you have hard, compacted soil that may also have rocks and tree roots in it, then this is exactly what you need! You will be amazed with how much easier planting in the garden becomes when using this Power Planter bundle!

DEWALT DCD996P2 20V MAX* XR® Cordless 3-Speed Hammer Drill Kit

The 20v hammer drill is perfect to use with the 3”x24” and 5”x28” augers when I am planting in my annual flower beds! These gardens have been amended over time, so they are much richer in organic matter, and I don’t have to worry about drilling into compacted clay. This drill is nice and lightweight, and it makes planting lots of annuals or bulbs in an area much faster and easier.

3″ x 24″ Extended Length Bulb Auger

I love using the 3”x24” bulb auger when we are planting our spring flowering bulbs or small annuals. The hole is the perfect size for the bulb, and the auger makes the work go so much faster and easier!

5″ x 28″ Extended Length Bulb Auger

The 5”x28” auger is the perfect tool when I am planting quart size or smaller annuals. The extended length means I am not bending over when drilling, and the diameter of the auger allows the plant to slip into its new home easily. The heavy-duty tip makes quick work of drilling into my heavy red clay soil.

Jenny’s picks to help your garden grow

Power Planter’s heavy-duty augers are the choice of professional landscapers and home gardeners alike. These gardening power tools can help you tackle the digging jobs in your garden or yard. Use them to plant bulbs and to make holes for posts, umbrella poles, stakes, and more. Check out Jenny’s favorite Power Planter Earth Augers to help her garden grow!

See Jenny's picks in action

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