Power Planter Auger Guide

Find the right auger for your project with our Auger Guide.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for all your auger questions! Whether you’re a lifelong gardener or new to the world of earth augers, we have all the information you need to choose the right auger for your next project. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about earth augers. So sit back, relax, and let us answer all your auger questions. 

1. What Is an Earth Auger?

An earth auger is a simple yet powerful tool designed to help you efficiently bore holes in the ground. Consisting of a rotating helical screw blade, otherwise referred to as a flighting, the auger cuts through soil and lifts it up and out of the hole. Power Planter drill augers come in a variety of dimensions to help you with any task – from planting bulbs or landscape plants to digging fence post holes. Just attach the auger to a cordless drill and you can effortlessly dig holes in nearly all soil conditions.

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2. What Size Auger Do I Need?

Earth augers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are general purpose, while others are more for specialized jobs. Learn how to pick the right size auger for your landscape project with our auger sizing page or take our product quiz to match an auger with your needs.

Power Planter’s most popular auger is the 3-inch by 24-inch Extended Length Bulb Auger. This auger lets you dig small holes without completely bending over and also has the strength and durability to dig much deeper and wider holes in tough soil conditions, with a standard cordless drill. For larger or deeper holes, landscapers often dig two or more holes side by side to make a hole wide enough for large posts. If you want to dig a larger hole in one go, you may want to consider a larger-diameter heavy-duty auger that can cut through more soil than the smaller bulb auger.

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3. How Do I Use an Auger?

Watch this short video for helpful digging tips…

Power Planter’s augers are simple to use. All of our augers are made with a hex head that fits most standard drill chucks. To use an auger, simply fit the hex head to a cordless drill, set the drill speed to its lowest setting (maximum torque), and adjust the chuck to a resistance setting appropriate for your fitness level. Now you’re ready to start digging. Place the auger’s tip into the ground and activate the drill or powerhead. If you have a Stihl BT45 power unit then you’ll need to purchase our 4-inch or larger heavy-duty auger and leave a note at checkout that you have a BT45, so we can send you a threaded adapter that’s made to fit your unit. 

Make sure to keep the auger vertical as it digs and be prepared — the drill may try to kick back in your hand slightly as the auger starts to bite into the soil, but modern drills have a clutch that will prevent the drill from spinning through the resistance. Once the auger is digging, there is no need to push downward aggressively on it. Just let the auger dig until you’ve reached the desired depth. Then, you can safely remove the tool from the hole.

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4. How Much Power Do I Need?

It’s important to make sure you have the proper drill or power engine for your Power Planter® auger and your project. We recommend a minimum power rating of 18V for most gardening tasks although an 18V/20V drill will work with our 7-inch to 12-inch augers when planting in light soil. For augers 4 inches or wider or digging holes deeper than 12 inches in hard soil, we generally recommend 20V to 60V drills. Learn how much drill power you will need in our power guide by clicking the link below.

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5. What Types of Augers Are Available?

At Power Planter, you’ll find a wide range of augers up to the task of many different garden and landscaping projects. Here’s an overview of the types of augers we carry, and what you can do with them:

2- to 3-Inch Augers: These augers come in a range of lengths, from 7 inches to 48 inches. Most of the augers in this size range are sold in our garden auger category and are perfect for planting bulbs, grass plugs, annual and vegetable plugs, and even small potted plants. Extra long augers have special uses such as digging irrigation, fertilizing trees, or digging under roads or sidewalks.

4- to 7-Inch Augers: If you do a lot of landscaping, then these augers are ideal. Use augers of this size to dig holes for quart- or gallon-sized plants, small trees, and shrubs, or even use them to dig smaller post holes. We also have these augers available in both home gardener as well as professional landscaper or ground maintenance models.

8- to 9-Inch Augers: All of the augers in this size range are heavy-duty augers and can even be used as post hole diggers. These augers are perfect for 2-gallon or larger landscape plants or to dig large, uniform holes to run a fence or set a mailbox post in concrete.

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6. How Do I Choose the Right Auger?

To choose the auger that best fits your needs, consider how you’ll use it. If you plan on only using your auger to plant plugs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, or bedding plants for instance, then a 2- or 3-inch auger will fit your needs. If you anticipate the need to bury stakes or set small posts or plant larger bedding plants or shrubs then you may prefer a 4-inch auger or another, larger size.

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Also, keep the length in mind. Shorter augers will require you to be on your hands and knees as you dig, while augers 24 inches and longer will let you dig holes in a standing position. If back pain is a concern, then go with a longer auger, or an auger with a Power Planter auger extension to minimize strain.

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When it comes to gardening tools, the quality of the product can significantly impact the efficiency and ease of your work. Earth augers are no exception. This page will provide a detailed comparison between Power Planter augers and cheap competitor products, highlighting the key differences that make Power Planter a superior choice.

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7. Why Power Planter?

Power Planter earth augers are made from quality materials and hand-welded right here in the USA. Because of our commitment to quality, we include an unconditional guarantee on all our parts, materials, and craftsmanship. The only exception is normal wear and tear. Our augers are built to last, unlike imitators that use cheap materials and shoddy workmanship to cut costs, resulting in an inferior product. Power Planter augers are not products that need to be replaced every season, they stand the test of time year after year. If properly used, stored, and maintained, a Power Planter earth auger can last you a lifetime.

Need More Help?

Power Planter augers can accomplish a variety of tasks — from helping you get your bedding plants in the ground come springtime to drilling through ice in the heart of winter. If you have more questions about our products or how to select the right auger, feel free to use our auger guide or contact us for assistance.

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