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Dig Into the Future

Just as the computer outperformed the typewriter, Power Planter is the future of digging, banishing back aches, and sending shovels back to the shed. Power Planter earth augers connect to cordless drills in a snap so you can replace digging with drilling! Customers plant more when they sail through soil and tame tough terrain with Power Planter.

Retail-Ready Displays

Prominently display our fun and colorful earth augers to get your customers excited about planting. The display features a fun, yet sleek design that is sure to catch the attention of customers. It is made with durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of high traffic environments, ensuring that it will last.

With a compact footprint, this display is ideal for small spaces and can be easily placed near the checkout counter or in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility. It features a large graphic panel that showcases the features and benefits of Power Planter earth augers, including their ability to quickly and easily dig holes for planting and landscaping.

The display also includes sample products that customers can touch and feel, allowing them to experience the quality and durability of Power Planter earth augers firsthand. This hands-on approach helps to increase customer engagement and encourages them to make a purchase.

Overall, the Power Planter brand earth auger retail display is an excellent investment for any gardening center or hardware store looking to increase sales and promote their brand. With its eye-catching design and durability, this display is sure to attract attention and drive sales.

Our eye-catching, retail-ready displays are ready for immediate shipment.


The Retail Display (above) has a small and compact footprint of 2 ft², making it perfect for end caps or near the checkout. This display holds 54 total units:

  • 24 – 3″ x 7″ Bulb Planting Auger & Bedding Plant Tool
  • 24 – 3″ x 12″ DIY Guru Auger
  • 6 – 3″ x 24″ Extended Length Bulb Auger

The Multi-Pack Display (right/below) has an identical footprint to the Retail Display of 2 ft², but is much shorter to fit on a shelf or countertop. This display holds 27 total units:

  • 12 – 3″ x 7″ Bulb Planting Auger & Bedding Plant Tool
  • 10 – 3″ x 12″ DIY Guru Auger
  • 5 – 3″ x 24″ Extended Length Bulb Auger

About Us

Power Planter® is a third generation family-owned auger manufacturer that started three decades ago in rural Illinois and is still located there today. The centennial farm where our company began making augers is a sixth generation family run farm. We have evolved over the past 20 years from the invention and patent of our original Power Planter auger to offer a variety of different sizes, models, and even auger accessories today. Above all, we are a family business, and we strive every day to adhere to the same level of craftsmanship and work ethic the company was first founded on more than 20 years ago. Power Planters are 100% made in the USA and feature high quality, durable craftsmanship.

Pictured: Wayne Niewold, Founder


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