Use The Best Aeration Tool For Your Lawn and Trees

Power Planter Aeration Augers are the easiest way to let your trees breath. Reduce soil compaction while letting air, water, and fertilizer get down to the roots of your grass and trees.

Lawn Augers: The Best Aeration Tool For Your Lawn and Trees

Power Planter Aeration Augers are the easiest way to let your trees breath. These yard aeration tools bore holes into the ground in order to break up soil that’s been compacted by foot traffic or thatch accumulation. Reduce soil compaction while letting air, water, and fertilizer get down to the roots of your grass and trees.

Aerate Your Entire Yard With a Root Auger

Earth Augers are specialized drill attachments that make digging easier and more precise. Aerating your lawn promotes vigorous root growth and strengthens your lawn’s tolerance to drought and heat stress. Using a tree aeration auger allows you to “fluff” the soil around a tree’s roots, encouraging breathability and better oxygen and waterflow. Whether it’s for your trees, lawn, garden or other landscaping feature, loosening and aerating the soil can be beneficial for the health of your property.

Plus, this technique can improve gardening productivity and help maintain soil structure and root health. Your lawn will capture more water and have less runoff waste. Get the freedom to dig cordlessly when you use a deep root aerator with any cordless power drill.

Power through most soil types with ease.

Only Power planter Augers are made in the USA and designed to dig clean precise holes in all soil types.

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Flower Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool (2" x 7")

Our flower planting auger and grass plug tool is designed to plant grass plugs and small annuals and keep your shovel and garden trowel in the shed where they belong. Whether you’re using it as a hole digger for annual flower planting or as a grass plug tool, you can be sure that you’ll be working much faster than you ever could doing these jobs by hand. The flower hole digger pulverizes the soil with ease to give your plants healthier soil-to-root contact, allowing for stronger growth. Get free shipping when purchased with a drill bundle. Works with most drills*.

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Garden Auger Starter Pack (2" x 7" and 3" x 7")

The Garden Auger Starter Pack is the perfect entry point for homeowners and landscapers who want to dig with greater efficiency and speed. This kit includes two garden auger drill bits that turn any hand power drill into a powerful soil digger that makes planting a breeze. The 3 in. x 7 in. and 2 in. x 7 in. - Light-Medium Duty plant auger drill bits are easy to use and will fit most cordless drills on the market. These garden drill augers fit ½-in drills. Transform your garden with ease. Save when you buy this bundle compared to the units individually.

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Tree Planting Auger Bit (2” x Variable Length)

Discover our versatile Tree Auger & Planting Tool, designed to efficiently dig holes for bare-root trees and saplings with ease, letting you work faster and eliminating the need to bend over thanks to its ergonomic handle design. The rugged, tree-hole digger’s durable design is built to withstand challenging soil conditions and allows you to power through rocky, sandy soils as well as harder clay soil. You can even dig horizontally under sidewalks with the tree auger bit for irrigation or gutter extensions. Add a heavy-duty tip made from military-grade abrasion-resistant material for additional durability in compacted or rocky soil.  This tree planting tool is available in various lengths and diameters, making it perfect for installing beach umbrellas, termite bait stations, deep root aeration and fertilization of trees, planting grass plugs and 4- or 6-pack annuals, and even bulb planting. Deep root aeration and fertilization techniques allow for improved nutrient absorption and root breathing, especially in heavy clay soils. These products fit ½-inch hex drive drills. Drill sold separately. Its compact size ensures easy storage and transport for all your planting and landscaping needs.

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Not sure which size to choose? Use our Project Matcher to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Make Life Easier With a Garden and Lawn Auger

There are a variety of reasons why a bulb digger is a must-have tool. Check out the following list and you’ll see why soil aeration tools are essential for gardeners and landscapers.

  • Less Pain - These tools are ideal for older gardeners, people with arthritis, or people with hand or back problems. They are easier to grip than shovels and the longer augers minimize the need to bend.
  • Precise Holes - A bulb planter digs the correct size hole, whereas a shovel will invariably lead to a much larger hole — and a lot more work — to plant a single bulb.
  • Dig Faster - Because bulb augers make the work easier, you’ll spend far less time on a bulb planting project than you would if you had to dig each hole by hand, especially when it comes to projects that require holes for dozens or even hundreds of bulbs.
  • Healthier Plants - A bulb planting tool gives you a hole that is ideally suited to the bulb you are planting, which means your plants will have good root-to-soil contact, helping them grow stronger and healthier.

Earth augers have many uses

These tools are versatile. You can use them to not only plant bulbs but to put in bedding plant plugs, too. If you need holes for posts, stakes, umbrella poles, or any other purpose, digging auger can do double duty. Check out our heavy-duty augers for bigger tasks.

Create Potting Soil

Mix your own potting soil by combining peat moss, compost, and perlite, which can save you money over premade commercial mixes.

Plant Flowers, Plugs, & Bulbs

Use the tools professional landscapers user to fill your property with beautiful flowers in no time.

Install Termite Bait Stations

Professional exterminators turn to Power Planter earth augers to make installing termite bait stations a breeze.

Mix Paint or Cement

Mix small batches of cement, mortar, paint, fertilizer, or just about anything that needs to be stirred well.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Help your trees breathe. Augers can aid the aeration process to help tree roots absorb water and recycle organic matter.

Plant Potted Plants, Bulbs, & Vegetables

Plant annuals, grass plugs, and bare root saplings with ease to ensure deep-root fertilization.

Loosen Soil and Destroy Weeds

Tilling with an auger makes it easy to weed large garden beds, loosen soil, and get rid of the larvae of harmful pests.

Dig Irrigation and Sprinkler Trenches

For more complex tasks, there’s no need to rent expensive equipment. Our augers can cut through the toughest soil with ease.

Install Fence Posts and Mailboxes

Use our augers to fix or install fence posts, flagpoles, and deck supports like a pro.

Dig Under Sidewalks

Sometimes, the job requires you to dig horizontally. To run plumbing or conduit beneath a sidewalk, choose an extended length auger.

Clear Obstructions From Plumbing & Gutters

Clear straight stretches of drains and gutters. Use a correctly sized auger in PVC drain lines to remove clogs.

Secure Your Umbrella or Volleyball Net

If you take frequent trips to the beach, bring an auger to help mount your umbrella, volleyball, or badminton net.

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