Weeding a Garden

Weeding gardens is backbreaking, time-consuming labor. As the summer wears on, it can start to feel like a never-ending process. The good news is, there are ways to make weeding a garden much easier. Let’s show you how a Power Planter weed auger can help make garden weeding go more smoothly.

Making Weed Removal Easier With an Auger

Proper weeding is all about the roots, and there are key ways that an auger can help you get those pesky weeds out, roots and all. For example, there are weeds like dandelions — those with large tap roots that are nearly impossible to pull by hand. The problem is, to keep these kinds of weeds from re-growing, you need to remove the entirety of the root. Leave a piece behind, and the dandelion will sprout anew. One of the easiest ways to get the whole root out of the soil without breaking it off is to use an auger. Simply drill the earth next to the problem weed to loosen the soil around it, and then you’ll be able to remove the weed effortlessly. 

The biggest challenge to weeding is — again — the root systems of the weeds, which are often deep and firmly lodged in hard soil. Weed drill augers work well as cultivators to help keep soil loose, and thus make the weeds easier to pull. What’s more, augers are simpler to use than cultivators, which often require bending or twisting — or if they’re engine-driven, a lot of hard work to keep them under control. Further, using an auger is certainly easier than digging by hand — simply power on the drill to dig, no bending or prying required!

Choose a Power Planter Auger for a Long-Lasting Garden Tool 

Homeowners and professionals alike prefer Power Planter augers because these are reliable tools that will last a lifetime. Not all augers are made in the United States, but Power Planter is a third-generation, family-owned business that produces all products in the USA. You’ll never need to worry about what to do if the auger breaks because each of our augers comes with an unconditional guarantee that covers parts, craftsmanship and materials.

Whether you need an auger to help eliminate tough weeds, or you’d like to use one to loosen compacted soil in the garden, Power Planter has a model that will do the job. Browse our website today, and you’ll find augers in various sizes and lengths to suit whatever gardening tasks you need to do.