Fall Traditions and Spring Essence: Daffodils

October 18, 2020

Autumn brings changing leaves, football games, campfires, and lots of pumpkin spice. It’s a season made of traditions that warm your heart and opportunities to be closer to the people you love. With the cooler weather just beginning, it’s almost time for one of our favorite fall traditions — flower bulb planting.

We’re not talking about just any bulbs. Daffodils are the classic starlet that tie together fall planting and spring blooms. Also known as narcissus, daffodils are lovely to watch sway in the wind on a spring morning. Available in hues of yellow, white, orange, peach, and even red. These timeless flowers symbolize unequaled love, but can also symbolize rebirth and joy.

Daffodils are easy to plant, low maintenance, and continue to flower year after year. They need some “chill” time in temperatures between 35° and 40°F before blooming in the spring. Planting 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes is ideal. If you plant them too early, it can cause them to sprout before spring.
Read on for more tips for fall bulb planting

6 Steps to Planting Fall Bulbs

  1. Go Wild. Pick a whimsical variety of colors or make a bold statement with just one. Visit your local garden center or online retailer to select your daffodils.
  2. Location, location, location! Decide where to plant your bulbs. Choose a full or partial sun location with well-drained soil. Avoid areas where they may be accidentally dug up, such as by the mailbox, lawn, or a perennial bed.
  3. Put the Power in Planting. Use the Power Planter Bulb Auger & Bedding Plant Tool to quickly and easily drill holes. You can plant most bulbs with the rule of thumb 2-3 times the depth of the bulb. However, like dahlias, some bulbs need to be planted deeper, so be sure to check instructions for proper planting depth. Using an auger drill will get this project done in no time!
  4. Feed Them. Sprinkle a bulb-specific fertilizer in the hole before inserting the bulb, giving your bulbs a healthy start.
  5. Quench Their Thirst. Give your newly planted bulbs a nice drink of water.
  6. Put a Blanket On. Cover the area with 2” of mulch to keep moisture in and weeds away.

Planting flower bulbs is an easy way to have your garden look beautiful year after year without the fuss. For more fall gardening tips, click here or visit our Facebook page!