Can a Power Planter dig through clay?

Video Transcript

"Hello, I'm Brian from Power Planter. Many people often ask if Power Planters can dig through hard ground or clay. Today, I want to debunk the myth that they don't work on clay – they definitely do. We're at a construction site with only solid clay beneath us. I'll first dig with a mattock to demonstrate the hardness of the clay, then switch to the Power Planter for a comparison.

As you can see, this is solid clay. In all our videos, we ensure there are no tricks; we focus on honesty and strong business ethics. Now, I'll use the Power Planter on the same area to show its effectiveness. I have the 3-to-4 Power Planter, a popular model used from a standing position, attached to an 18-volt cordless drill. Set the drill to a slow speed for maximum torque and better control. Using a side handle is recommended, especially when digging in clay.

Let's try it right next to the first spot, with no tricks. [Music] You might think there's a trick, but it's actually that easy. Why? It's about physics. Using a mattock, a vertical tool, against a flat surface is the least efficient method. With the Power Planter, it's like using a spade at a low angle, removing a small bit with each rotation, making it easy to penetrate even solid clay. You can dig to any required depth for projects like decks or drainage channels, and it's safe for your cordless drill. I've been using this drill for three years without any issues. The Power Planter is truly effective on solid clay."

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our latest Power Planter video demonstration. In this video, we put our 3” X 24” Power Planter Auger to the ultimate test – can it handle the challenge of tough clay soil?

Clay soil is known for its heavy, compact nature. It can be a gardener’s nightmare, making planting and landscaping tasks difficult and time-consuming. But with the  Power Planter, we aim to change that.

In the video, you’ll see our auger in action. It effortlessly drills through the clay, creating perfect holes for planting. The Power Planter’s unique design and powerful performance make it more than capable of handling even the most challenging soil conditions.

“I want to dispel the myth that the Power Planters don’t work on clay because they most certainly do… When we use the Power Planter, it’s like you’ve got a spade and you’re putting it at a low angle and approaching it. Each rotation takes a small bit off each time, so it gets into the ground really easily, even solid clay.”

In this Power Planter review, we’ve shown you how effective it is against clay soil. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video and see the Power Planter’s effectiveness for yourself.

Remember, when it comes to Power Planter vs clay soil, there’s only one winner. Discover the Power Planter difference today.