Getting Started With Digging Augers

June 20, 2022

Watch this before digging. This video answers all of the commonly asked questions about Power Planter digging augers. Start digging safely with these Power Planter tips.

Here is what is covered in this video.

0:55 – How to choose the right drill for digging.
2:30 – How to configure the right drill settings.
3:15 – How to attach an auger to your drill safely.
3:58 – How to set up heavy-duty augers.
7:00 – How to prevent kickback by using the clutch.
9:00 – Digging tips.
9:52 – Learn which chuck attachments to use.

Products demonstrated in the video include:

Power Planter 3″ x 12″ Auger

Power Planter 7″ x 28″ Standard/Medium-Duty Auger

Dewalt DCD996P2 Drill

Dewalt DCD130T1 Drill

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