If you’ve ever had some post hole digging to do, then you know that this can be a cumbersome, backbreaking job, especially if multiple holes need to be made. An auger simplifies this job, and it’s a tool that you can put to a variety of other uses. Here are a few reasons why drilling fence post holes is easier with an auger. Then, you can choose the right Power Planter auger for your project.

Digging Fence Post Holes and Other Auger Applications

If you need to drill post holes, then an auger is the perfect way to simplify the job. There are some options you’ll want to consider when selecting an auger. For post hole digging, you’ll need a powered auger, and many models are designed to be used with larger power heads that require two people to control the auger. Power Planter’s post hole digging augers can be used with powered heads that have a 1-inch drill chuck, which means that you can operate the auger by yourself if you don’t have a friend to help you use a larger model.

Many projects require an auger. Use it when you’re digging a mailbox post hole, or if you need to run a fence, put up a flagpole or set posts to install a new deck. Contractors specializing in outdoor amenities — such as fencing, pole barns and decking — will find these tools particularly useful, since post hole digging is one of the first (and most labor-intensive) steps to these jobs. Investing in an auger will make life easier for employees.

When you’re not drilling post holes, these augers are excellent for landscaping. An auger such as the Extra Large Earth Auger from Power Planter is ideal for planting trees or shrubs in pot sizes of up to 3 gallons.

How Drilling a Post Hole Is Easier With an Auger

Post hole digging the old-fashioned way requires a surprising number of tools: different types of shovels to dig pilot holes and remove topsoil, a clamshell digger to deepen the hole, and a steel spud bar to loosen rocks and soil as you dig.

Augers simplify the process. Once you’ve dug a pilot hole, you need only set the auger in place and let it do the work. After drilling to the desired depth, simply lift the auger from the hole, and the job is complete. There isn’t nearly so much bending and lifting required, nor will you need to pry at stones and soil to make the shovel or clamshell digger bite deeper. For those of us who aren’t in peak physical condition, or who are prone to back aches from extended strain like this, augers are a lifesaver. The process is also much faster with an auger. If you’re a contractor with multiple holes to dig, you’ll save a lot of time, which makes the job more efficient and reduces labor costs.

Why Choose Power Planter Augers?

If you’re shopping for an auger, then Power Planter offers a variety of advantages over other brands. All of our augers are made in the United States by our family-owned business. Further, the augers are designed to be durable, long-lasting tools. Each comes with an unconditional guarantee on materials, parts and craftsmanship — which eliminates the headaches that come with shoddily manufacturing processes. In other words, a Power Planter auger is an investment that will see returns for years to come.

We offer augers in a variety of sizes, including heavy-duty augers that are ideally suited to larger jobs like post holes. Check out our selection today, and you’ll be sure to find the right auger for your needs!

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