Tree Auger & Tree Planting Tool (2” x 54”)


With Our 2” x 54” Tree Auger Planting Tool, planting bare-root trees and saplings has never been easier. This specific size gives you extra digging reach into tight spaces, even horizontally under sidewalks, making it an exceptional tree hole digger. The rugged, durable design allows you to power through rocky, sandy soils as well as harder clay soil. Enhance your tree planting tool with a heavy-duty tip crafted from military-grade abrasion-resistant material, ensuring additional durability in compacted or rocky soil. This tree planting auger bit is also perfect for installing Aquaspy Soil Moisture Probes, termite bait stations, deep-feeding and aerating trees or shrubs, and planting grass plugs and 4- or 6-pack annuals. Compatible with ½” drills, Stihl BT45 powerheads with our threaded adapter, and our 7/16” quick change auger adapter (adapters and drills sold separately).

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Introducing our premier Horizontal Boring Auger, a versatile tool designed for a range of earth-drilling projects. Our longest auger, with dimensions of 2 by 54- inches, excels at boring into the earth at various angles, including horizontally. It's ideal for creating pathways under sidewalks or navigating tight spaces where precision is paramount. Crafted from tough heavy duty materials, this auger is built to withstand challenging conditions, including rocky terrains, sandy soils, and dense clay, ensuring durability and efficiency in any project.

Suggested Use

  • Most soil types
  • Installing AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probes and termite bait stations
  • Deep-feeding and aerating trees or shrubs
  • Digging holes for beach umbrellas
  • Digging under sidewalks at an angle

Compatible Tools

The Ultimate Horizontal Boring  Auger: Your All-in-One Tree Planting Tool

AquaSpy soil moisture probe tube auger. This 2" x 54" tree planting auger for drills is ideal for deep-feeding and aerating trees or shrubs, making it an essential deep digging auger. This horizontal boring tool does it all. It even works great for post hole digging and as a sand and beach umbrella auger.

This tree planting auger bit is also perfect for installing AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probes. AquaSpy's intelligent ag-tech solutions provide real-time insights into soil moisture, helping growers optimize irrigation and keep plants healthy.

Dig Differently with the Horizontal Boring Auger

Our Horizontal Auger Drill redefines the approach to drilling tasks. It eliminates the need for bending, making your work more comfortable and efficient, whether you're drilling, installing, or clearing spaces. The auger features a robust 5/8-inch shaft made from high-quality, 100% steel with 10-gauge flighting, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and durability.

This product fits ½-inch hex drive drills. An auger adapter (included with purchase) is required to connect to a ½ hex drive drill or powerhead. You can also check out our quick change adapter for any 7/16” quick change drill. Need a drill for your new auger? Check out our selection of Drills and Drill Bundles.

California Prop 65 Disclosure


  • Made in the USA
  • Painted glossy black enamel
  • Fits 1/2-inch hex drive drills.
  • Minimum voltage recommendation = 18V -20V cordless drill – see our Auger Guide. Electric drill with side handle preferred for safety.



  • 2 inches in diameter
  • Digs holes 53 inches deep
  • Rugged, 5/8-inch 100% steel shaft with 18 inches of 10-gauge flighting
  • Option to add Heavy Duty Tip (made from military-grade abrasion resistant material)
  • *Drills sold separately.
  • Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions or sockets.


Guides, Manuals, & Docs

  • Use the Auger Guide to pick the right auger for your project

Product Name

Tree Auger & Planting Tool (2" x 54") Heavy Duty

Product Category

Heavy Duty Augers / Soil Moisture Probe Augers


American Steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)



9lb 6oz

Hole Size (Width x Depth)

2" x 54"

Use (heavy vs. light duty)

Heavy Duty

Drill Fit (inches)

1/2" Hex

Voltage Recommendation (V)


Add-Ons & Adapters (hexes, tips, adapters)

Hex adapter

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Limited Lifetime

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