Customer Testimonials

power planter reviewThank you for the auger you recommended. The 3″ auger works great for setting posts for sand fencing. We use 2×3 posts with our sand fencing but it would work well with 2x4s and even 4x4s with a little more effort.

As fall approaches each season we try to get a run or two of sand fencing in to catch the wind blown sand over the winter.

The Power Planter® auger is the perfect tool to quickly and efficiently bore down 3′ to set the posts. It works great in the sand and once you get the hang of it, it only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to drill the hole.

It really transforms the task as it simplifies what had previously been the most labor intensive part of setting up the fencing – in fact it is so easy with the auger you can quickly reset a hole if the post is tilted or if you have to adjust the fence or post line.

The product is very well made and balances very well with a standard 1/2″ chuck 2 handle drill. We used a simple power drill with a cord as it was more economical, we did not have to worry about battery packs, and it had plenty of power.

Thomas R.
Long Island, NY

We have been using the Power Planter 828T (tube drive auger) for a number of years to plant our tulip bulbs and fall mums in our prepared soil annual beds. Each year we plant over 100,000 tulips with 6-8 bulbs in each hole. We needed a large auger bit that would fit with our existing equipment. We also plant over 10,000 8” fall mums each year and this auger bit makes the right size hole for planting. The equipment allows us to save labor on the process.

Bill Quade, Landscape Manager
The Biltmore Company

Ferris State University has been using Power Planter earth augers for over 10 years. We have come to rely on their quality and effectiveness. Great products with very reasonable pricing!

Will Gasper, Grounds Manager
Ferris State University

I have been very impressed with Power Planter auger drill bits. I have bought and utilized Power Planters for each of the past three years to individually install about 30,000 native grass plants per year. The durability of Power Planter bits has made planting in areas with large tree roots and compacted soil very fast and easy.

Matt Jones, Senior Assistant Superintendent
Old Chatham Golf Club