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Power Planter Hand Held Garden Auger Review

“It performed well in my test and was significantly faster than hand digging with a Hori Hori, a japanese digging knife. The hand dug hole took 1 minute while the auger bit did it in 17 seconds!” Eric Seider from Planting Pioneers puts the Power Planter 3 by 12 inch DIY Guru Auger through its paces in this unsolicited review.

Can Power Planter earth augers dig through rocky clay soil?

Stuart Moore from Landscape Rescue and Integrity Landscaping finds out if a Power Planter heavy-duty drill auger and a 40-volt drill can withstand the rocky clay soil of Missouri.

Elderberry Farms reviews the 60V Heavy Duty Tip Bundle

In this video, you’ll hear why Elderberry Farms hasn’t used a shovel for planting since they began using Power Planter’s Heavy Duty Auger bundle paired with a 60V DEWALT® DCD130T1 drill. See the bulb and earth auger drill combo in action after the review.

“Great products with very reasonable pricing!”

“Ferris State University has been using Power Planter earth augers for over 10 years. We have come to rely on their quality and effectiveness.”

Will Gasper, Grounds Manager
Ferris State University

“Best tool in the garden shed.”

“It makes all those back-breaking digging jobs so easy. And for us oldies, it means we can continue gardening for years to come.”

Patricia Ovens
Loyal Customer

“We have been using the Power Planter 828T (tube drive auger) for a number of years”

“to plant our tulip bulbs and fall mums in our prepared soil annual beds. Each year we plant over 100,000 tulips with 6-8 bulbs in each hole. We needed a large auger bit that would fit with our existing equipment. We also plant over 10,000 8” fall mums each year and this auger bit makes the right size hole for planting. The equipment allows us to save labor on the process.”

Bill Quade, Landscape Manager
The Biltmore Company

“I have been very impressed with Power Planter auger drill bits.”

“I have bought and utilized Power Planters for each of the past three years to individually install about 30,000 native grass plants per year. The durability of Power Planter bits has made planting in areas with large tree roots and compacted soil very fast and easy.”

Matt Jones, Senior Assistant Superintendent
Old Chatham Golf Club

“I have just discovered one of the most exciting things ever!”

“As a lover of all flowers, I struggle each spring and fall to get enough planted, always having such a hard time digging into the very dry San Joaquin Valley soil. So I end up not digging deeply enough and, therefore, the beautiful flowers barely make it through our hot summers. When I saw an ad somewhere for a “garden auger,” a lightbulb went off and I decided to try something I’d never even heard of, so I looked it up on my COVID19 go-to, Amazon Prime, and found this “guru” auger, which I ordered and received the 2nd day. It was larger than I pictured, and very heavy duty, so I almost just sent it back, but instead I emailed the company to get more information. The owner got back to me immediately and I ended up having a conversation with him. He reassured me and said to watch the short video, which I did with my husband, and we decided to give it a try. O-M-G, I have a new BFF! It is wonderful: easy to work with and handle, plus it gets nice deep holes where I can add good soil and plant as many beautiful flowers as I want! I highly recommend this product and this company, with all American-made products, and their unique availability to help. Gotta go, need to go back to the nursery!”

Sharon File
Clovis, CA

power planter review

“Thank you for the auger you recommended.”

The 3″ auger works great for setting posts for sand fencing. We use 2×3 posts with our sand fencing but it would work well with 2x4s and even 4x4s with a little more effort. As fall approaches each season we try to get a run or two of sand fencing in to catch the wind blown sand over the winter.

The Power Planter® auger is the perfect tool to quickly and efficiently bore down 3′ to set the posts. It works great in the sand and once you get the hang of it, it only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to drill the hole.

It really transforms the task as it simplifies what had previously been the most labor intensive part of setting up the fencing – in fact it is so easy with the auger you can quickly reset a hole if the post is tilted or if you have to adjust the fence or post line.

The product is very well made and balances very well with a standard 1/2″ chuck 2 handle drill. We used a simple power drill with a cord as it was more economical, we did not have to worry about battery packs, and it had plenty of power.”

Thomas R.
Long Island, NY

“I cannot tell you how GREAT your augers are!”

I bought myself a set of the ultimate landscaping tools for my retirement present to myself- it is truly unbelievable how easily I can now plant. I used to pay the local nursery to plant but now I can do it myself and quickly too. I have been getting requests from family to borrow it after they see how easy it makes work. I just wanted to let you know how happy your tool has made me!
Thank you

Marianne C

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